Sunday, May 29, 2022

Before the Tribute

What a glorious weekend to commemorate heroes gone on before us!  As I set my pen to write tomorrow's tribute, the beauty of the view before me distracts...if only for a moment...

Trees so very full in bloom
beneath the bluest skies...
a gentle breeze to tickle them
before my very eyes...
and life to sing so beautifully
by those who dwell within...
they call me to refill the feeders
as, a week, it's been!

I do so gladly with my own song
unto God Creator.
He always tells me to fret not,
that no one sings it greater!
He walks beside me as I go
from each one to the next.
The variety of those I feed
always has me perplexed!
Every color of the spectrum
flies about the land!
They land for the variety
that I've put out by hand.
And the squirrels, they chatter, knowing
next I'll get to them.
I've placed their feeders on the trees
and all about the hem.
They keep the dogs so busy, though,
as they go 'round and 'round.
In all these creatures, entertainment
I have freely found!

"I thank You for the birds, the dogs,
the squirrels and all the rest,
and this holy day that You've created--
I am so very blessed!"

Enjoying all creation on a beautiful, meaningful weekend.  Even being entertained by such!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He gives and He gives and He gives...especially to them that recognize such and thank Him for it!


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