Wednesday, May 18, 2022

At Peace with All

Is such a possibility?  In THIS world?  In THIS day and age?!  It all hinges on whether or not you have peace inside of you!  

Peace--it's so alive inside
in spite of 'everyday!'
You CAN possess serenity
at all times but One Way!
One Way to lead and guide you in
all instability--
the same, it is impossible
in your ability!
That peace is only possible
with Christ inside your heart!
Yet, even then, the demons will
use every kind of dart
to shake you loose from His great hand,
but, oh, due to His grip,
you will remain unshaken...stable...
due to relationship!

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
is the only way
to conquer every challenge and
have victory over the day!
And all you have to do is ask,
invite Him in your heart,
repent from what you have done wrong
and such great peace will start!

Jesus Christ alone.
Perfect peace be known!
And Heaven past this life
where is no longer strife!

Yes, Jesus is the ONLY Way to be at peace with all!  Have YOU discovered that yet?  The sooner you do, the more victorious you can become in this life and beyond!

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