Saturday, May 21, 2022

An All-inclusive World?

Yes, an all-inclusive world.  We'd like to think that we are in one but, I promise you, there are people in pain who think otherwise!

Where will you be when no one is around?

When I need someone's feedback that is 'sound?
Everybody sees the 'me' with their own eyes,
but the 'self' that's me, so very few realize.
I can put a front on with the very best...
I can tell you 'I'm victorious and blessed!'
all while, deep inside, the gnawing pain
and anguish are so very, very plain!

BUT GOD, He is so very, very real!
And He knows well exactly how I feel.
It is His arms that are my sanctuary,
and His touch--it is far beyond 'ordinary!'
Whatever is going on, He understands,
and shields me from all harm with His Own hands!
He looks directly into the eyes of me
and says 'Press on, My child!  I am your Victory!'

Where will YOU be when no one is around?
But God is there when such a time is found!
His Presence, it is ever at my side,
and, of His all, I'll never be denied!
Each of us has a circle of friends.
But time with God--it never, ever ends!
He will be with you no matter what or when--
in the yester, in the now, in the then!

Are YOU included in other folks' lives?  Do they value your opinion?  If not, just imagine how painful that could be!  God is NEVER that way, nor should HIS PEOPLE be!  We are to be here for one another.  Share with one another.  ASK PERMISSION if we need something from one another or, if we see that they need it, assist one another.  Otherwise, people get hurt.  And THAT pain is hard to get over!

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