Saturday, May 21, 2022

Ah...New Life!

Home from a busy day.  We saw lots of folks.  Took care of them all.  No one left the store 'hungry.'  Now, to enjoy my wife, The Lord and His new life...

The blossoms finally open that
we planted months ago!
They make so very redolent 
the evening air, you know!
After a day of storms, it's so
refreshing to behold!
New life, in spite of elements
that, all day long, have rolled!
They stood up to the heavy rains,
(we've yet to learn the sum...)
they held their ground against the winds
from each direction come...
the thunder and the lightning,
upon them, had no effect...
now, after all, in fleeting rays,
their glory would reflect!

"Thank You, Father, for the flowers--
fragile, yet so strong!
You craft each one so wondrously,
it's almost like a song!
They sing unto the eyes that would
make time for to behold
Your glorious creation--oh
so resolute and bold!"

Work came and went.  Then the storm came and went.  It left behind its aftermath.  (THAT'S what seems to get all the attention!)  However, through it all, God's glorious handiwork stands proud and beautiful out in my garden!  Thank You, Father God!


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