Monday, May 30, 2022

'Taps' Across America

A tribute long overdue!  At 3pm today, 5/30/22, wherever you are, take a moment, stick your head out the window and listen.  Someone had a brilliant idea to pay to tribute the ones who gave their all in service to this great nation.  Will YOU join them?

just listen where you are.
Reflect upon the sacrifices
of those near and far!
We MUST remember what they've DONE
to fathom what we've GOT!
Had those gone on refused to serve,
what, then, would be our lot?

23 notes of honor
to cause us to recall
that prayer, so very famous,
each word, one and all!
A laud to each it's meant for-
we honor as we pause,
preserve and protect our freedoms--
their living's greatest cause!!

So tune the ear unto them,
the faithful to recite;
and tune the heart to all of them
gone on in every fight!
Then turn the heart to God Most High
in gratitude for such
who 'gave their all' in service, for
we are thankful, yea, and much!!

Remember.  3 p.m. today, all across this great nation, ONE NATION UNDER GOD!  Be thankful that we live here and for all that we enjoy...all due to these brave people who served.


Sunday, May 29, 2022

Before the Tribute

What a glorious weekend to commemorate heroes gone on before us!  As I set my pen to write tomorrow's tribute, the beauty of the view before me distracts...if only for a moment...

Trees so very full in bloom
beneath the bluest skies...
a gentle breeze to tickle them
before my very eyes...
and life to sing so beautifully
by those who dwell within...
they call me to refill the feeders
as, a week, it's been!

I do so gladly with my own song
unto God Creator.
He always tells me to fret not,
that no one sings it greater!
He walks beside me as I go
from each one to the next.
The variety of those I feed
always has me perplexed!
Every color of the spectrum
flies about the land!
They land for the variety
that I've put out by hand.
And the squirrels, they chatter, knowing
next I'll get to them.
I've placed their feeders on the trees
and all about the hem.
They keep the dogs so busy, though,
as they go 'round and 'round.
In all these creatures, entertainment
I have freely found!

"I thank You for the birds, the dogs,
the squirrels and all the rest,
and this holy day that You've created--
I am so very blessed!"

Enjoying all creation on a beautiful, meaningful weekend.  Even being entertained by such!  GOD IS SO GOOD!  He gives and He gives and He gives...especially to them that recognize such and thank Him for it!


Saturday, May 28, 2022


I know that title doesn't tell you very much, but those of us who knew him hear his name and immediately draw wonderful memories...

A gentleman of so few words,
(but words so very wise!)
He would rather DO the task at hand
than merely vocalize!
Always with a greeting kind
on a Sunday morn;
and, as I try to capture words,
I am so very torn!

His humility--it would refuse
any 'eulogy...'
he would deflect such to his children
or wife, so loved by we!
But he was a well of wisdom on
so very, very much;
so fortunate are all of us
who knew his loving touch!
And mention 'soccer--' he would light up
about his daughter's skill...
mention 'football--his opinion
would he sure instill!
But mention God--his faithfulness
would surely top the list!
So very thankful is this man
that brother Roy does exist!
He exists--forever etched
into our mind and hearts!
Gifts such as our brother Roy
but only God imparts!

Roy moved to Oklahoma a few years ago.  He took care of his wife to the very end and saw her to glory.  Perchance I picked up our local paper yesterday for the first time in awhile.  I got to the obituaries and there was his name.  I froze!  He passed peacefully into the Presence of God one day last week.  Those who knew him are all the richer that he and his wife had a part in shaping our lives!
Love the ones you know while you can!  You never know when you'll randomly pick up a paper and see a familiar name on the third page.

Friday, May 27, 2022


Ah...another day off.  I know EXACTLY how I want to spend it.  Go with me, won't you?  I promise you it will be quite relaxing...

The car is parked along the road,

the only access near.
Tough it be far away, I can
see it so very clear.
I'm in the center of the lake
upon this glorious day;
the only sound to be the whisper
come from southern-way,
and the sound of all the fish
that jump about and splash!
I wish one, with the lure I'm using
finally would clash!
I know of the variety
beneath my boat that laugh,
as I have been here for about
an hour-and-a-half!

But it is I that have the last laugh:
I can look around
at all the awe and splendor to
abundantly abound!
It is so very glorious!
Just open up your eyes!
For everywhere the eyes are cast
would be a new surprise!

This is a place so wonderful,
(and necessary, too!)
Often, one must get away
to clarify the view.
I did so on this glory day
and great is my reward:
no drama, stresses or distractions,
just time with my sweet Lord!

Time on the lake was wonderful!  And, YES, I did catch a few...only to kiss them and throw them back!  For I really did not go out to catch fish, I accomplished what I went out to do: unwind from the days that are!  And time with Jesus is ALWAYS a bonus!

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Uvalde, TX

Ahh...another beautiful day at work.  Many people served.  Many people satisfied.  Then I go home and turn the TV on...

So much potential stolen,
ripped from precious life!
All because of one man's anger,
one man's inner strife!
The list of crimes goes on and on...
as also may the trial,
but, more valuable and missing is
their laughter and each smile!

For each life had a purpose, each
was filled with talent rife!
Now multiplied to be the ones
that feel each other's strife!
"The News" has details, but there are
real names and faces, too;
real people with real talents with
real futures that were true!

With each report, are we becoming 
'numb' to such as this?
Those precious people, one and all,
we'll very greatly miss!
Martina was an artist with
an energetic smile...
Ernesto was caring soul
who tried to bring a smile...
Carranza always brought more lunch,
with other kids, to share...
hearts live only now in memory
of how much they care!
And a very gifted teacher,
with talents oh so rare-
those which cannot be replaced,
GONE!  It's so unfair!

Innocent and vibrant-
the shooter didn't care!
In fact, of all these victims, he was 
completely unaware!
He only cared about the deed
that he carried in his heart!
A school...a town...a country now
must wrestle with his part!

Do we blame the weapon he used?  No.  Do we point the finger at how he was brought up?  No.  We place the blame squarely where it belongs: Satan and his wickedness.  We will hear now for longer than we want about the "who...why...and how," but let us first focus for a while on the wonder and the beauty of these precious lives taken from us.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

THIS is 'Advanced?'

The day and time we live in.  The more 'advanced' we become, it seems like the more vile and evil others become.  WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!

Life continues happening,

life so filled with pain!
Sometimes, it is so hard to see
how such could be our gain!
God's Word says it will strengthen us,
but harden hearts, as well?!
Each time we open up the news,
one more disaster tell!
Sometimes, the safest haven be
to not walk out the door!
Such cannot be!  Lest what would God
make all this beauty for?!
There is so very much to do,
so very much to see;
but with such evil lurking, tell me,
are we REALLY free?

There is a place and time when such
will worry us no more.
It is that Place and time that we
set foot upon that Shore!
It is avowed unto His Own
and settled in His Word,
regardless what is going on
or that which has occurred!

Open up the paper...turn on the evening news...another shooting has taken place.  God help us!  The vile refer to it as 'their freedom!'  GOD CALLS IT SIN!  Oh, when will we learn to get along with one another?!

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Once again, a lady named Debby has gone above and beyond, following God's lead, and improved the life of someone else.  I am compelled to pen this accolade to her...

"You mean so very much to me,
(and many others, too!)
Who could compensate you for
the many things You do?
I've seen you all throughout our lives
put your all on the line
to see that others are protected
and make sure they're fine!
I've seen folks dial your phone in stealth
to help them get secure.
Though I cannot fulfil your dreams,
you love me and endure!
As you make a loved one safe
you face the brunt of others;
even parents and their friends,
their sisters and their brothers!

You deserve a medal, dear,
for all that you've been through!
Be it reward that folks yet live
because of acts of YOU!
You seem to sense before all else
that something isn't right;
you do what must be done and help
the underdog to fight!

You mean so very much to me
and many others, too!
There are no words this man can find
for how much I love you!
For God Himself, He knows our hearts
and He is our reward!
For I can only fete you here
until we see our Lord!"

God knows why these words were penned.  He saw what she did with His very eyes.  In fact, He is the One Who spoke to her heart to accomplish it!  And this man is VERY fortunate to be married to her!


Monday, May 23, 2022

This Needy People!

Yes, we are!  YOU may go about your day pretending that you need only yourself to survive, but I promise You, if it were not for God we would be in a massive mess!

"Lord, You know the needs that I have now
and will forevermore!
You answer out of the abundance
that You have in store!
You answer not because 'I'm worthy,'
or that my need is due,
You answer out of Your great love--
the character of You!
You even know the wants and the
desires of my heart.
Out of Your abundance, Lord,
those gifts do You impart!
You are so very generous-
such often goes unsaid!
But know ye this, Lord, I am grateful
for the fish and bread!

You know the needs that I have now
and those of EVERYONE!
We sing a song of gratitude
to You, God's very Son!
For You look not upon the 'worthiness'
if ever we have need,
You hear our hearts or see our lives
and answer to the need!

Yes, You are so very good to us,
no matter who we are!
Without Your in our lives, oh Lord,
we can't get very far!!!
So thank You, Lord, for knowing all:
the what and when and where;
and thank You that, whatever the need,
we KNOW You will be there!!"

GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!  God is so generous to us!  God is so faithful to ALL who call upon His Name.  I can see where He was before I knew Him, and I can surely see Him now!  There is no other God like our God!


Sunday, May 22, 2022

How Far?

Sometimes, the glorious sight of God's creation stops me in my tracks!  When it does, I often try to capture it in words...

'How far the vast horizon?'

I wonder as I prepare
a sermon of encouragement
for somebody to share.
I listen for God's voice to start
from here upon the deck
looking out across the land
and skies without a speck!
There is a skyline in the distance--
distant, though, it be;
scarce be it possible
for this man's eyes to see!
Merely outlines of the places
industry takes place;
but blessed be I for this locale
abounding with His grace!

Sunday afternoon,
near a week from June,
basking in the sun...
see what God has done!

How far the vast horizon?
It really matters not.
What does is all the glory that
I've 'roundabout me got;
and this precious moment in His Presence
hearing His each word
to pass on to His people about
life that is occurred!

A friend of mine in another country sent me an email wanting me to help him complete tonight's sermon.  After he told me what it was on, I went out on the deck, sat down, prayed and then looked out across creation.  I received from God what he wanted, but I had to write down the glory of my surroundings as I did.  Hope you enjoyed seeing it with me.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Ah...New Life!

Home from a busy day.  We saw lots of folks.  Took care of them all.  No one left the store 'hungry.'  Now, to enjoy my wife, The Lord and His new life...

The blossoms finally open that
we planted months ago!
They make so very redolent 
the evening air, you know!
After a day of storms, it's so
refreshing to behold!
New life, in spite of elements
that, all day long, have rolled!
They stood up to the heavy rains,
(we've yet to learn the sum...)
they held their ground against the winds
from each direction come...
the thunder and the lightning,
upon them, had no effect...
now, after all, in fleeting rays,
their glory would reflect!

"Thank You, Father, for the flowers--
fragile, yet so strong!
You craft each one so wondrously,
it's almost like a song!
They sing unto the eyes that would
make time for to behold
Your glorious creation--oh
so resolute and bold!"

Work came and went.  Then the storm came and went.  It left behind its aftermath.  (THAT'S what seems to get all the attention!)  However, through it all, God's glorious handiwork stands proud and beautiful out in my garden!  Thank You, Father God!


An All-inclusive World?

Yes, an all-inclusive world.  We'd like to think that we are in one but, I promise you, there are people in pain who think otherwise!

Where will you be when no one is around?

When I need someone's feedback that is 'sound?
Everybody sees the 'me' with their own eyes,
but the 'self' that's me, so very few realize.
I can put a front on with the very best...
I can tell you 'I'm victorious and blessed!'
all while, deep inside, the gnawing pain
and anguish are so very, very plain!

BUT GOD, He is so very, very real!
And He knows well exactly how I feel.
It is His arms that are my sanctuary,
and His touch--it is far beyond 'ordinary!'
Whatever is going on, He understands,
and shields me from all harm with His Own hands!
He looks directly into the eyes of me
and says 'Press on, My child!  I am your Victory!'

Where will YOU be when no one is around?
But God is there when such a time is found!
His Presence, it is ever at my side,
and, of His all, I'll never be denied!
Each of us has a circle of friends.
But time with God--it never, ever ends!
He will be with you no matter what or when--
in the yester, in the now, in the then!

Are YOU included in other folks' lives?  Do they value your opinion?  If not, just imagine how painful that could be!  God is NEVER that way, nor should HIS PEOPLE be!  We are to be here for one another.  Share with one another.  ASK PERMISSION if we need something from one another or, if we see that they need it, assist one another.  Otherwise, people get hurt.  And THAT pain is hard to get over!

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Needs Unseen

Each and every one of us battle one thing or another.  Some of those challenges are quite visible, while others are unseen save to the trained eye.  (Or even only to the one battling it!)  Still others are unknown until the phone rings...and a voice on the other end says "Can you please come and get me?!"

Is everything "OK" just because
YOU say it's alright?
I suffer even yet from those 'things'
in which you take delight!
That which you deemed 'enjoyable'
was torture to my soul!
You went on with Your life for years,
but how can I be whole?

You went on with your company
as though it happened not...
even blatant confrontation
no remorse has brought!
Now, after decades, they inform me
you are old and dying.
What am I supposed to feel
after all these years of trying?

I cannot grieve at all--the only 
feeling is 'relief'
in knowing you'll hurt no one else,
or cause them pain or grief!
I forgive FOR MYSELF alone
so that I can move on.
I will continue to succeed,
especially with you gone.

Abuse of ANY kind
is everywhere to find;
recovery is sure,
but only the best 'endure!'

So, what is it that YOU'VE gone through?  I am not asking seeking an answer.  I am merely asking so that you can examine yourself, forgive and move on to greater things.  And, trust me, there are wonderful things out there to be enjoyed...but only if you ALLOW yourself to enjoy again!

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thursday Afternoon

All that had to be done has been accomplished successfully.  Now, time for myself.  Time with my Father and Creator--GOD MOST HIGH!

Before the rumble starts again
above the rolling hills,
I step out on the balcony
and take in all the thrills!
The sight of all creation, oh,
what wonder it instills:
from those great mountain peaks away
down to those rippling rills!
And, here, do I accomplish my
devotions for the day.
He listens closely to my heart,
I hear what He would say.
And, together, we behold the
formulation of the storm;
yea, elements to have their way,
though it's remaining warm!

The many colors--oh so vibrant,
May would share with us
before the other elements
would argue and would fuss!
Sunlight would illuminate
but each and every leaf,
and every fragrant petal whose
bouquet would be so chief!

A Thursday afternoon
with weather to be soon,
savoring my Jesus
before the able breezes!

Ahh...this time is so necessary, so needed.  In a world that refuses to slow down, effort must be put into pausing and enjoying the simplicity that exists!  And MOST of that 'simplicity' is provided by God Most High!  ENJOY IT!!


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

At Peace with All

Is such a possibility?  In THIS world?  In THIS day and age?!  It all hinges on whether or not you have peace inside of you!  

Peace--it's so alive inside
in spite of 'everyday!'
You CAN possess serenity
at all times but One Way!
One Way to lead and guide you in
all instability--
the same, it is impossible
in your ability!
That peace is only possible
with Christ inside your heart!
Yet, even then, the demons will
use every kind of dart
to shake you loose from His great hand,
but, oh, due to His grip,
you will remain unshaken...stable...
due to relationship!

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
is the only way
to conquer every challenge and
have victory over the day!
And all you have to do is ask,
invite Him in your heart,
repent from what you have done wrong
and such great peace will start!

Jesus Christ alone.
Perfect peace be known!
And Heaven past this life
where is no longer strife!

Yes, Jesus is the ONLY Way to be at peace with all!  Have YOU discovered that yet?  The sooner you do, the more victorious you can become in this life and beyond!

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"Just treat me right!"

Once again, the days that are.  Over and over, we hear of companies and even people cutting corners in some area...just to make a profit.  It just ain't right and, in a LOT of cases, it's outright unnecessary!  "Oh, come back, Integrity!"

Will morality fly out the window

just to make a sale?!
How much integrity will you spend
to have your values fail?
Does anything at all matter
when someone's holding cash?
"Just tell them what they want to hear
and put away the stash!!"

You 'cross the t's' and 'dot the i's'
and sign each place you should,
then find out a few weeks later
it is not any good!!
The seller has a reputation
that is well-esteemed,
but we found out that he cut corners
that we'd never dreamed!

BUT GOD, He knows the heart of us
and shows to us a way
to make corrections needed so
that 'good' shall come our way.
And them that caused the problem, it
shall come back on them all;
and the blessing they were to reap,
for it shall cease to fall!

Yes, God takes care of them that are
well-meaning and upright!
In Him shall we continue to
enjoy and to delight!
He makes the 'good' continue on
for those He calls His 'own!'
MAKE SURE your very heart and soul,
unto Him, are well-known!

Yes, God takes care of His own.  Regardless what man attempts, God already sees it and has the remedy for it!  Where would we be without Him?!

Monday, May 16, 2022

One-of-a-kind kind of Day

How wonderful it is that God would bless us with each day...different than the one before!  (Or have you not noticed?)  Do make time to enjoy His creation as you about doing that which must be done!

Sun is setting on a day
so beautiful and bright!
'Tis the season when such happens
when should be the 'night!'
The cool of evening joins and makes 
so comfortable the time,
and God Creator comes to me
and gives me lines that rhyme!
He highlights all the subtleties
of day before it's gone,
and causes peace to settle in--
a peace that won't be gone!

Looking out across the gorge
colors yet remain!
As we converse about the day
such sights become my gain!
I file them in that place from which
I can draw anytime--
like those days that are contrary and
life just won't seem to rhyme!

His glorious creation in
the springtime of the year!
Every moment differs and
is soon to disappear.
So savor every moment that
you can before they're gone;
the season may be fleeting, oh,
but life--it will go on!

Yes, life goes on.  However, there will NEVER be another 'right now,' so take in as much as you can while you can.  He made it all just for us!


Sunday, May 15, 2022

We're Here to Love!

So many people.  So many plans.  So many 'agendas.'  AND SO BUSY ARE THE DAYS!  However, regardless how busy it gets, I am in a position to SEE the hand of God at work so often!

So wonderful when people come together
serving one another as we should!
Seeing to the cares of one another,
all to work toward the 'common good!'
But look about: that goal seems so 'uncommon'
in the times and seasons that we are?
But if we set 'ourselves' aside so briefly,
said goal is really not so very far!

This man is blessed to see it oh but daily
given the position I possess!
Total strangers reach out to each other
with no strings attached: to minister and bless!
Even folks who are so long acquainted
will give me funds to do the very same!
When such be done, they have but one desire:
"Buzz, be sure and NOT give them my name!"

Yes, so wonderful when people bless each other!
And, more often, lately, blessings come MY way!
"Use this twenty for the car behind me,
and pocket the change for a rainy day!"
And not always are the blessings 'monetary.'
Some folks come by so we know how to pray!
The same, it be reciprocal in MY line,
as some may see that I need help today!
Joining hands after the transaction
once more energizes this old man!
Therein lies beauty when we come together
and minister according to HIS plan!

It is certainly my prayer that YOU have opportunity to see with your own eyes the way that God 'goes against the grain' and accomplishes wonders...often unawares to us!


Saturday, May 14, 2022


The age-old question: Why are we here?  The best answers to that to me are to spread the Gospel, and kindly help one another.  Your answers may differ, but this man has found Him using me in many different situations throughout the day...EVERY day!

What can I do for your fight now?

Oh, how can I assist?
The privilege to bless you I
would hate to have missed!
For I know what You are going through,
as I've been where you are;
it is but temporary and
The Answer is not far!
For God, Himself knows where you are
and all that must be done.
Yet, in HIS time, Your victory--
it is already won!
We cannot see it as HE does,
as time constrains us here;
but He can see eternity
and, to Him, YOU ARE DEAR!
He sees...He knows...and He sends folks,
unto your every aid;
you've got His full attention, friend,
therefore, you've got it made!
It is HIS victory that can
prevail--whatever cause;
and, because You trust in Him,
that victory trumps all flaws!

Whatever be the situation you may find yourself in, God is big enough to rescue you from get you through it...and even triumph over it--ALL GLORY TO HIM!  He is so good to us!

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Season Stealth!

The past few months have had the gamut of weather situations!  I thought that we were going to be able to have a few weeks to open up the house and let the Ozark air flow through.  Not so!

Summer now arrives--so unexpected!

Last week's 'lows' are swallowed by the heat!
Normally, there is a gap between them
in which we have a time to 'meet-&-greet!'
Not this year!  It's already upper 90's
with humidity that seeks to suffocate!
I will not complain of it, however,
it's but a part of life here in this state!
However, this heat is a part of living
that we must be cautious of always!
There are things that each of us must do regardless,
just in this heat we must find other ways!
God Most High--He knows our each intention,
and He will find a way to get it done;
all we must do is obey and pay attention,
and He will see that victory is won!

Yes, summer may be here a few weeks early,
but you will not hear anyone complain.
We will give gratitude to God the Father
Whose actions do not require Him explain!
We will exalt and praise His Name whenever--
for God, He is in season all the time!
Behold the visions of His grand creation
regardless how the mercury may climb!

Yes, summer 'snuck up' on us for sure this year!  Spring seemed to be short-lived, but it certainly produced some glorious sights to behold!  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Monday, May 9, 2022

The Score for the Day

Musical score, that is!  It is all part of a symphony so great that God alone could compose it!  If you tune the ear, it will get you through the day like nothing else so alive!

Peace I find amongst the pines

with day to formulate!
The forms of living--all of them,
my Father did create!
Oh so busy and so talkative
as they go along,
and all of them so harmonize
into a Glory Song!
A song that I can take with me
to all this day's occurred!
I do not have to have the tune
or even every word!
Just the sound of that which they
so constantly would sing
will carry me through all the day
and, victory, so bring!
Yes, victory that I can take
to every situation...
victory I can apply
to every relation...
victory like that provided
nowhere else around--
all coming from those little birds
with such a mighty sound!
And coming from their Great Creator:
God--I know Him well!
He orchestrates all of the day
no matter who can tell!
And HE deserves the credit for
that constant, living song
that emanates from every being
as day goes along!

Yes, the score for the day!  Nobody, nothing else can orchestrate it!  It belongs to God alone,  but it is availed to all.  Are YOU in tune with it?  It is not difficult to find!

Watch Your Time!

Pay attention!  There are countless opportunities throughout the day to minister to others.  Sometimes, we even entertain angels unawares!  Do WE have the time for such?

My Father came to visit me
at work this afternoon.
I didn't recognize Him and
my shift was ending soon,
He asked for something simple, yet
I had to stay on track,
so I had someone else take care of Him
and, now, I'm looking back.
For what I had, it could have waited
'til our visit ended,
instead, I lost a blessing to
another He befriended!
I kick myself for getting oh
so caught up in the day
that I did not tend unto The Lord
as He passed by my way!
For We discuss it NOW, after
my duties, they are done.
He blames me not, but this I know:
I am the only one
who SHOULD have taken care of Him
when He came by today,
and, regardless of my ignorance,
His Presence yet would stay!

So many blessings to be had
but all throughout the day.
So much wisdom is availed
in places on the Way!
Will we stay and savor, or
get through fast as we can?
Such answers, they will so reveal
the integrity of man!

Been there, done that?  It's painful when you realize it, but God is merciful!  Tomorrow is another day, and many more opportunities to receive from Him.  Will YOU pay attention to those 'nudges?'


Sunday, May 8, 2022

Another Priceless Gift

I told you last about the wonderful woman who raised me.  I will ever be grateful to God for selecting her to give me life!
Now, I MUST give a shout out to another mother: the one He chose to bear my children!  And, trust me, she puts up with MORE than MY mother did!  I was with MY mother for 21 years.  I have been with my wife for almost 41 years now, and I love her more and more each day!!

Her hands are always busy making
The value of her works, for it
surpasses any "man's!"
But humble she remains, completing
every task in life;
"WHO AM I?!" to God I cry,
that I can call her 'wife?!'

She ably takes the reins in things
I can no longer do.
Regardless of life's difficulties
she keeps pressing through!
Regardless even of my antics,
she remains around.
who keeps this family sound!

"Father, thank You for the lady
You chose for my life!
Because of You, she overcomes
all pain and grief and strife!
and presses she through, even now
that years have taken toll.
Her touch--it is still able to
massage my heart and soul!
And, through the pain, her very hands
would busy yet remain
with tasks that, in the end, become
somebody else's gain!
Selfless, generous and loving
be those very hands--
anyone who knows my wife
completely understands!

God bless you Debby Busby!  One day alone is not sufficient to cover the honor and gratitude that I/we have for you!  I love you.  Jesus loves you.  And the list of lives that you affect goes on and on and on...
May you somehow realize the value of you in our lives!  You are so beautiful!

Saturday, May 7, 2022

One of the Greatest Titles!

"HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"  It is if you have or had a mother like my own.  She was a 'mother' full-time.  Later, she became a secretary...then a banker...then California's first female "Loan Officer!"  Later, she became president of her own mortgage company...all while loving her kids!  WHAT A WOMAN!

'Mother...' oh the beautiful sound
of that single word!
It brings to heart such memories
of the events occurred!
And the further this man gets
from those last 'goodbyes,'
I smile as I wipe the tears
flowing from my eyes!
Her memory, though, lives on as I
would serve in public trust,
as it's from her that this man learned
to treat my guests so just!
Regardless of their income or
their standing in this place,
each one deserved my very best
in labor, ruth and grace!

"Mother, oh but I miss you
but more and more each day!
As I reflect upon your life--
your wisdom and your way.
Having coffee with you before
daddy even woke--
upon so very many subjects,
freely so, we spoke.
And from those talks and watching as
you took care of your guests
so drives this man, but every day,
to give my very best!

I miss you more than language could say, mother.
But I was BLESSED with you and not another!
May others witness you as I so live,
causing them to, so much better, give!"

It is certainly the prayer of this man that YOU have such priceless memories of your mother!  God put me into the life of one of the best, and I miss her so.  

With all my love,


Friday, May 6, 2022

Just take a breath!

Slow down.  Whatever it takes, slow down.  Whatever you are doing, try to enjoy the time that is...

A windy day...a choppy lake...
a sky without a cloud...
so much to go on in this life,
it be a welcome shroud!
Getting away from that at hand
to that without a price;
for some, it be too great a task,
not worth the sacrifice!
Eventually, they'll realize
how little is the cost!
By then, however, this precious
opportunity be lost!

The tasks at hand, for they will, somehow,
find ways to get done.
And times like NOW, they are secured
by GOD--no other One!
And if you take the time to savor,
He'll care for the rest,
and see that you get all things done
and reap the very best!

Never ignore that nudging of Holy Spirit to step back for a moment, take a breath, and take in all of His glorious creation!  He provides these moments every day...but how many of us ignore them and just keep going?


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Fickle Sky!

As we go about the day, we note the change in atmosphere.  Living in the Ozarks, one can experience a myriad of seasons...all in one day!

The heavens rumble as we are
accomplishing each task.
At any time, the greenery,
in raindrops, will so bask!
Already is the neighbor's roof
adorned with many leaves;
and, with the showers due, we will
have waterfalls from eaves!

This day, however--I'll enjoy it
all from my recliner.
My wife, my writing and my Lord--
nothing could be finer!
Already all that HAD to be
we went and took care of;
and now, we savor time with Jesus--
the only King of Love!

"Oh Lord, I pray the storms that are
will NOT, destructive, be!
But beneficial unto every
plant and every tree!
The birds--they are enjoying it--
help us to do the same
as we enjoy this priceless rest
and glorify Your Name!"

Another wet afternoon.  I know that there are others suffering from that which I so enjoy.  "Please be with them and protect them, oh God!  For ' rains on the just and the unjust...'  Let not that rain be destructive please."


'I give you my word...'

'I promise...'
'My signature is my bond...'

Those terms use to carry weight!  However. in the days that are, we throw them around so lightly: to end a conversation when time is get out of something we are supposed to do...even to end an unpleasant encounter...we will say just about anything so that we can move on!

"We paid you well for that which we
wanted and needed done.
Now, after the work has been completed,
you are on the run!
We had to have two other companies
repair all your mistakes!
You happily received our cash,
but NOW we learn you're fakes?!
The LEAST that you could do is call
and see if your work stood!
A REAL MAN would keep in touch
to make sure all is 'good!'
But no!  We cannot even reach you
by mail or telephone!
If this keeps up, God promises
you'll find yourself 'alone!'
You will not even pay the fines
the judge has placed on you.
How can you even sleep at night
knowing the work you do?!"

Shame on you for advertising
that you are 'The Best!'
We'll see when we stand before the Father
how well your 'works' attest!"

In the Bible, Jesus tells us that we shouldn't even have to 'promise' anything!  Just by us 'saying' that we will _____________ should be 'guarantee' enough!  Why is it that, these days, we must jump through so many hoops to obtain something that is rightfully ours?  Even by filing a lawsuit?!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Giving Truths

If there be one word to describe the times that we are in these days it would be 'unstable!'  However, there yet remain some STABILITY that will change not...and it all is founded in His Word!

"Oh Father, omnipotent and everywhere,
we bask and we thrive in Your glorious care!
For this life has agendas, but You are above;
and naught shall intimidate Your perfect love!
We put our foot forward, You cause us success...
we follow Your lead, You abundantly bless!
We give and we give and You bless all the more
out of the abundance that You have in store!

And that great abundance, it hasn't an end!
Therefore pass it on we to foe and to friend.
The more we bless others, the more You bless us-
upon this great truth, oh Lord, no one may fuss!"
Yea, such ancient truths, so alive in this day!
The same be eternal, His promises say!
God--so omnipotent; generous, too!
Oh see for yourself what His bounty can do!!

Yea, the principle truths of God and His Holy Word.  Timeless!  In a world whose compass goes awry, the truths of His Word continue to live, to guide and to bless!  HALLELUJAH!


Tuesday, May 3, 2022

That Glorious Decision!!

'Just another Sunday morning.'  We gather.  We sing.  We pray.  We hear The Word of God...  Ah, but NEVER is it 'just another Sunday,' and today is no exception!  For Holy Spirit is on the move...

Standing in the glory of

a springtime Sunday morn.
Before the gathered, one comes forward--
He's made the decision for
to publicly declare;
little does he know, before 
his birth, Christ was aware!
This one was chosen at a time
one cannot comprehend!
He's realized that, without Jesus,
this life is just an 'end!'
He thinks he's coming forward just
repenting from his sins,
oh, but he will soon find out
that brand-new life begins!!

"New life, new blessings, oh my Lord,
everything anew!
All of life itself to change,
and all because of YOU!
The Gift of God--about to be
opened and enjoyed!
Life abundant from The Lord,
where once had been just 'void!'"

Standing at the altar--
life's most glorious change!
Jesus Christ, the only One,
the heart, to rearrange!

Oh, sweet salvation!  That life-altering decision that causes all of Heaven to celebrate!  It is certainly the prayer of THIS writer that you have made that personal choice to follow Jesus as well!  You'll NEVER regret it!

Monday, May 2, 2022


Late afternoon.  We got done all that we could before it started.  Now, the storm forces inside!  However, there is still so much that one can do if we are but pliable in His hands!  How long has it been since I contacted that friend?  I'm sure that there is SOMEONE out there that could use a word of encouragement!

There is a time and Place ahead
where time will not exist;
It is a place of wonder that,
by no one, should be missed!
For Jesus waits to greet us there
and reward us for this life;
we'll meet His Father in that Place
that is immune from strife!
And we will live forever in
a land of sheer perfection!
For everything amiss right now,
there, it will know correction!
No more sadness, no more sorrow,
no illness and no pain
are just a sample of the wonders
that we shall obtain.
But most of all--His very Presence,
it will be present there!
And He's already made provision
for our forever care!
We only need to make His only Son
the Savior of our soul,
and we shall freely, evermore,
enjoy His joys in whole!

Have you done that yet, my friend?  All you must do is repent and ask Jesus to live in your heart!  It's the deal of a lifetime if you ask me!  Join me in that Perfect Place forever, won't you?