Friday, April 15, 2022

What's so 'GOOD' about it?!

So, they call this "Good Friday."  Hmm...I wonder why?  It didn't turn out too good for Jesus!  Day-after tomorrow is VERY GOOD for all of mankind!!  But why is this day called 'good?"

The words of one that's stricken down
as His life nears the end--
they are yet filled with love and care
for family and friend!
Even as His mother watches,
Jesus is yet giving:
giving her another one
to help her go on living!

Insulted...beaten...hung and killed...
they put Him in the ground;
they placed a soldier on each side
so that the grave be sound;
They sealed it with a stone, lest one
would steal the carnaged One;
the Enemy, he laughed, thinking
Jesus' life was done!

For centuries, they have termed "good"
this Friday every year.
After all that Christ endured,
that 'name' becomes unclear!
His suffering is beyond words,
but we know what awaits!
Such must have taken place, however,
so that He relates.

"My Savior and my Lord,
Your life did You afford
that we, GREAT life could know!
Lord Jesus, thank You so!!"

Sure, it all turned out great for Jesus...and even better for us!  He bore the humiliation...the illegal trial...the torture...the cross...the grave.  AND WE ARE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE DID!  But I still don't know what was so good for Him on that Friday.  Do we call it 'good' because it is the start of the most incredible weekend history has ever known?  Hmm...

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