Monday, April 11, 2022


Issues--this life has so many of them!  And if there are not enough, man invents something just to stir up conflict!! 
How well do you know ME?  As I approach you, you have already set in your mind who I am and what I am like...

Before you even knew my name
my narrative is set...
before I introduce myself,
your judgment do I get!
My talents and abilities--
they will not win your grace
because you won't escape the truth:

Or is my 'sexual identity'
more than you can handle?
Regardless of your prejudice,
you can't put out my candle!
The same is safely guarded by
Him Who created me,
and He will never leave my side
for all eternity!

But that is in the future,
the problem is RIGHT NOW!
The current insecurity--
it must be fixed somehow!
The best way is to face it and
find out what's REALLY true:
pray to God, do what HE says
and we will make it through!

So many issues in this life separate us.  So many MORE facts in this life relate us...whether you like it or not!  Is there something in your heart that must be dealt with so that this can happen?  God is more than willing to make time with you to take care of it.

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