Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Place of Favor!

Yes, there truly is such a location!  And blessed are them that find it!  For God created these places all along the Narrow Way for such as we to rest and receive.  DO NOT PASS IT UP!

For we're of a much greater place,
far more than we can know!
Saved and set aside for His use
everywhere we go!
Anywhere we set our foot
is opportunity;
as long as we belong to God,
He will already be!
And success we'll surely come to know
in that appointed place,
(and that not of ourselves, for it is
all from Jesus' grace!)
A blessing, lesson or a gift
unto us or a brother;
and God will surely get the glory
one way or another!

Enjoy the Place of Favor--it is
savored by so few.
It is so necessary to
our being and our view!
It is a place that God creates
for us to catch our breath.
Yea, take advantage of it, lest
ye know an early death!

Those hallowed locations availed to them that serve Him and follow His lead.  Too many people see them as 'electives' and not 'requirements.'  Surely, it is our choice to take advantage of these places, but woe to them that ignore them!

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