Friday, April 1, 2022

That Unruly Tongue!

Yes, so unruly! attention...especially to that which comes out of your mouth!  You will be surprised at how many others pay heed to it!

Words assembled with a caring pen-
such can unite the most divers of men!
Sentences assembled with compassion-
they are so needed and, always, in fashion.
And verses, when they are touched by His hand,
are something everyone can understand!
Poetry--it may be a gift indeed,
but empathetic speech is what we need!!
Speech that will unite, not tear apart...
conversation that affects the heart...
talk that's edifying to each other--
such will establish us as friend and brother!

So make your conversations, one and all,
be uplifting, solidifying Call!
For God, He may be so alive within,
but make sure His life so shines amongst all men!
So unruly, yea, can be the tongue!
It may voice thoughts that should remain unsung!
Let God possess and tame the very same
so that your words bring glory to His Name!

So many people are watching...waiting...listening for you to slip up...just so that they can blame the God you serve!  (Like they have nothing else to do, right!)  God is aware of this.  That's why there are so many references to 'the tongue' in His Word.  Heed those warnings.  Keep your cool, and be amazed at what God can do for you and through you!


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