Monday, April 11, 2022

Sunday Afternoon

Finally, another opportunity to relax from the daily grind and enjoy His daily gift!  Ever so faithful is Creator God to provide these times and places for His faithful!

The orchestra that generates
such music from the limbs
is comparable unto the best
of the hallowed hymns.
It's generated from the birds 
and chimes played by the winds--
such a glorious sanctuary
as my praise ascends!

Creator God with yet one more
creation in this place:
a hallowed locale to meet Him,
receiving of His grace!
And oh so welcome respite from
the busyness all week;
an oh so holy altar that
not many dare to seek!

Oh, so grand and glorious
He makes and man calls "Spring!"
And, in the early afternoon, it
would make the poet sing!
Coupled with the orchestrations
of those upon the wing--
a feeling oh so wonderful,
unto all life, to bring!

Oh rush me not as I enjoy
Creator and creation,
and all His many creatures, oh,
what perfect orchestration!
The theme song so alive that is
called "Sunday afternoon."
Enjoy its every moment, for
it will be ending soon!

Oh, so busy and rushed we become throughout the week!  It is absolutely essential to honor this time of rest and relaxation if we are to continue to thrive and be victorious!  Trust me!

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