Saturday, April 30, 2022


The following words have been in my pad for almost a year now.  For it was then that we lost a friend of the family that was far more than 'just a friend!'  Yes, our loss is Heaven's gain, but what I would give to go out to lunch with him just one more time and talk for hours like we used to!

"A friend since I have met you,
and, lo, these many years!
You have helped this family,
allaying many fears!
You dropped whatever you were doing 
when we had a need;
even driving across the state
when such a call would heed!

A friend--and yet a brother,
so close did we become.
A sounding board...a listening ear...
a 'helper' be the sum!
Even transportation ye,
regardless of the miles;
and when I asked about the bill,
all I got was smiles!"

But more, more than a helper
our dear Steven came to be!
friend to such as we!
He didn't pass away ago,
he's living yet within
in oh so many ways and memories--
as he's always been!
But now, in such a 'higher' way
that we can't understand
'til we go to the place he's gone
and walk that Hallowed Land!

'Til then, we cling so tightly to
those feelings that he made,
and to those precious memories
that shall not ever fade!

"Thank You, Father, for our friend Steve!"  "Thank you, Steve, for allowing God to use you the ways He did!  And, even yet, we are grateful for the many ways that your memory affects our lives!  We are so blessed!"

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