Thursday, April 7, 2022 alive!

The winds of afternoon today are quite unpredictable!  Too, the temp seems to be all over the charts!  Such is Spring in the Ozarks!  The best way to observe this day is either bundled up or from behind the window!

So bountiful--the blossoms that
He causes to create!
It will be in the 50's soon,
but now it's 68!
The sunshine amplifies the sound
of the little birds;
the view of 'living' from this place,
it is surpassing words!
Dogwoods full of flowers...
redbuds oh so lush...
ash and maple dancing so
eliminates the 'rush!'
Oak, prolific all about,
and that grove of line--
the breezes combing through them cause
the whistle and the whine!

Yes, beautiful--the blooms and blossoms
April would display!
A welcome from the 'hurry' that
would come with each new day!
The masses and the ministry
will come, but not for now,
as He amplifies the glory of
the 'living Spring' somehow!

Turn off everything if you can.  Listen to the life that so abounds in the countless trees as the winds of April comb through them!  Give praise to God Who created them...and everything that resides therein!  He is so good to us!


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