Friday, April 29, 2022


Yes, 'security.'  For this life contains such variables.  So many 'things' and 'situations' depend on circumstance.  Ah, but I know One Who is secure all by Himself, and He can be yours, too...

"For You are my security,

Christ Jesus, Lord and Friend!
For I have an accord with You
that will not ever end!
You leave not when I get angry...
You remain if I should fail...
a love without condition,
unto me, do You avail!
Thus, in such love, am I secure
for all eternity!
No matter what the future holds,
loving me, supporting me,
protecting me always;
such assurance draws from this man
never-ending praise!

For You are not a God Whose mind
would waver, not at all!
You choose who will belong to You
and we obey that call!
Absolute security
in a world insecure--
whatever time would bring, oh Lord,
we KNOW we shall endure!"

Oh, so wonderful it is to have such assurance!  Oh, so rare such assurance be in THIS life!  For it is availed in One alone: Jesus Christ!  HE WILL NEVER FAIL, nor will He allow His faithful to!

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