Thursday, April 28, 2022

Invisible Music!

I hear it!  It's around here somewhere.  I just can't find it yet.  This I know, however, I WILL see the source eventually, as I just filled up the bird feeders!

From on a fruited limb
comes such a wondrous hymn!
He is not spotted yet,
oh, but glimpses I will get~
I filled the feeders hung.
Now melodies are sung
by those upon the wing--
thank God for simple things!

For workday is so busy:
"Go as fast as you can!"
"Keep those cars moving, Buzz!"
"Go faster than you can!!"
But not today!  I'm off,
enjoying all of life!
After feeding birds and squirrels
there is not any strife!
Only music playing
that no man can produce,
resounding through the acres
allotted for His use!

So He brings variety
of life to entertain!
Reserve time to enjoy
and such will be your gain!
Peace, joy and prosperity--
with you, these will acquaint!
The best of 'simple pleasures,'
so complicated, ain't!

Simple pleasures.  Most of them come from God, and His reserves are endless!  Take of them as often as you can, as 'daily life' will surely take its toll!


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