Monday, April 25, 2022

How's Life?

So many lives and lifestyles in this world that one could lose count!  What matters is what yours is like and what are you doing with it.  Hmm...

People living in the isn't fair!
Kids without enough to many care?!
Wickedness is rewarded...WHAT'S WRONG WITH US?!
In God's Word it's recorded: IT SHALL BE THUS!
And continue we to 'progress' as best we can,
with very little regard for our fellow man.
For I have needs and I have desires, too.
You go on and do the best you can do!
I'll pass you on the street and call you 'friend,'
and few will know when you come to the end.

There must be a better life we could convey!!
It's so sterile now, lacking any 'quality' at all!
For that is why we must cling tightly to Your Call!
For the busier and more successful we,
the less of the 'uncomfortable' we see?
But there it is: such life--before our very eyes...
and, on our hearts and ears so fall their very cries!!
Oh God, so rattle us and our 'comfort zones!'
Pull out from under us these ivory thrones!
Distract our hearts, oh Lord, from our self-serving,
and make us to live those lives that are deserving!

So limited and so short are these lives to be.
But there is one life that will last eternally!
WHERE we spend THAT life depends upon
what we do for others and ourselves before it's gone!
We have to have You, Jesus, alive inside!
We HAVE TO set aside OUR desires and our pride
and see to it that all others are provided for.
For ONLY THEN will You hold open for us The Door!

There is so much going on in this life.  A lot of what goes on we turn a blind eye to!  WE may do so, but HIS EYE sees everything, and we will have to answer for it matter who we are!


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