Thursday, April 28, 2022


What brings you 'happiness?'  A 'thing?'  A 'place?'  A 'person?'  I'm sure that each of us have a definition of 'happiness,' ...and said definition differs from person to person!  However, I know of a Source of happiness that varies or wavers not.

Westerlies are grooming
the fields and the groves.
With the glorious sunlight,
the birds come out in droves!
They entertain through my devotion
with antics and with song;
between each verse and chapter
sing they merrily along!

And verse and chapter teach me
about my God and King!
His wonders and His attributes,
they bless and make us sing!
His power and His glory--they
embrace me and surround;
and, in His glory and His wonder,
happiness is found!

Happiness--so simple--
so easily obtained;
and oh so necessary if
progress is to be gained!
For God has the supply that's
known not to ever end,
and I enjoy that blest supply
from which these words are penned!

Life is busy.  Life has many speeds.  Life can even be cruel!  HOWEVER, if you allow God into your heart, that 'life' becomes more stable, and 'happiness' becomes a state of the heart, not a 'result' of situations!  TRUST JESUS!


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