Friday, April 22, 2022

Glorious 'Spring!'

Work is over for the day.  The 'endless' tasks about the home have somehow ceased.  Nothing to see or do??  NO WAY!  LOOK MORE CLOSELY...

Spring to now parade before my eyes,

upon the land, below the sun-filled skies!
An able breeze exists this afternoon,
and the trees, they dance unto the happy tune!
Dogwoods, Bradfords, redbuds and the rest--
at this tune, they don their very best;
flaunting it for everyone to see!
(Namely, them that say "It's just a tree!")

For God has made those sentinels of life
for us to look to in such times of strife.
For no matter what environs, they still dance about!
(Even during winds so very stout!)
For they remind this person of His Presence ever--
for no storm at all, our connection, may sever!
And He made US each of such variety,
lest, boring and robotic, we may be!

O take ye in the many sings of Spring!
Lift your voice and SING, YE LIVING, SING!
There is so much in life to celebrate!
And all from God--so good and oh, so great!

The Presence of God--so real, so alive, and oh so very close!  Even in a quiet afternoon with nothing to do.  Nothing?  Oh, but just look around!  Look closer and see the 'life' going on constantly but everywhere about you!

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