Sunday, April 24, 2022

For His Use

There is so much work to be done! Most folks begin their day before the sun even rises. Some of us, however, start our days when those folks end their shifts. Today I am one of them but, before I start the day, I MUST spend some time with my Jesus! The vesper silence broken by the whistle of the train. Finally, a break in storms, a respite from the rain! The rumble passing down the hill will entertain for now, until I raise my sight and catch the panoramic 'Wow!' And God my Father joins me as we watch the train go by. I express to Him my thanks for all on the land and in the sky! The Spring sun is so vibrant as it lights up all of living; I spend this precious time with Him Who is forever giving! Then, out into glory for to do what must be done, accompanied, of course, by Father, Spirit and the Son! For they direct the steps of me to where I'm needed most, and They receive the credit, lest I should unrightly boast! So very much to be accomplished- all in Jesus' Name! Though OUR hands are utilized, it's HIM Who gets acclaim!
For we are merely tools within His very mighty hands, made to carry out His works, fulfilling His commands! ALL FOR JESUS' GLORY! So should each day and every work be in our matter when those days may start! For He has good use for any and all who avail themselves! 9634

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