Tuesday, April 26, 2022


LIFE IS SO EXCITING!  And so many 'things' go on or happen in this life to excite us even more!  And then there are times in this life when the most exciting thing we look forward to is to just spend quiet time with each other, she and I, with nothing at all going on...

For over 40 years now, love,
you're right here by my side.
We haven't made it to Hawaii yet,
but, oh, it's been a ride!!
My excitement is getting home and sitting
in the yard with you,
the squirrels, the birds, the dogs and cat,
and the trees of every hue!

Who could've known all those years ago
that such would satisfy?
And to think you're still the wife of me
brings mist into mine eye!
For only God could have arranged
the path that got us here;
as, in HIS eyes, our every step,
it is so very clear!

No, we haven't been around the world,
but we've been around the block!
And God alone decides the time
that's left upon that clock!
All I know for sure is that
You're far more than this man could ask for
every day anew!

One abundant life
with YOU, love, as my wife!
It satisfies so well
this man just had to tell!

A life of excitement?  well, maybe not to some.  A life fulfilling?  ABSOLUTELY!  She and I and Jesus--that Three-fold cord that's not easily broken!  I am a very blessed and fortunate man!!

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