Saturday, April 23, 2022

Easter Morning

Ooops!  I just found this in my pad.  I wrote it a week ago, so pretend that, once again, it is Easter!  After all, truth be told, He is newer each and every day, so CELEBRATE!

Green and gray...purple...yellow...white,
these are the colors that would fill my sight.
The redbuds join in celebrating Spring,
as the birds of every kind would sing!

So are the environs on this day
as we celebrate The Truth, The Life, The Way!
"HE IS RISEN!!"  All of life would so declare!
O sing His life alive but everywhere!

Too much have we endured throughout the week.
A joyous liberation do we seek!
We find that as we glorify His Name,
and take to heart the reasons that He came!
We listen to the message from The Word...
to testimonies of His works occurred...
we sing out of our hearts unto His own
because His great reality is known!
Especially TODAY--HE IS ALIVE!
And. soon and very soon, He will arrive!

Regardless if it's sunny or it's gray,
ENJOY!!  For it is Resurrection Day!
Celebrate and praise in word and song
that fact that, to The Lord, do you belong!

Easter Morning.  The tomb is empty.  JESUS IS ALIVE!!  Spend as much time as possible celebrating JESUS...TODAY AND ALWAYS!  For He is worthy!!

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