Monday, April 4, 2022

Daily dilemmas

There are things done in this life that are completely against the will of God.   There are still other things that are against God's Law altogether!  However, said boundaries are often set aside in the name of "popularity..." "program..."  "politics?"  Hide your toes!

"You know not who I voted for--
that ballot box is secure!
But is that one my vote was for
the one that is most pure?"

"I couldn't pay my tithe this week;
I'll just give more next time.
Besides, that's between myself and God,
therefore, there is no crime!"

You said to me "I have a need."
When we met yesterday.
I just said "I will pray for you..."
as I went on my way.

This Sunday is important.  We will
vote a deacon in.
But deer season opens tomorrow!
I've got to get that skin!!

A brand new family joined the church!
They have needs that prevail.
But my contact at WalMart called:
"Hot Wheels are now on sale!!"

Yes, there are so many situations in this life that Jesus did not speak about directly.  However, Holy Spirit speaks directly to your heart in ways that you fully understand...IF you pay attention!  If we are honest with ourselves, in a lot of situations that get us into trouble, it's not "I don't understand."  It's "I don't WANT to understand!

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