Monday, April 25, 2022


All of us have means by which He blesses us.  Some folks have several sources!  However, GOD remains THE Source!  And why?  So that we can be a Blessing to others!

The more, Lord, that I give away,
the more You give to me!
For everywhere about the day
be opportunity
to be a blessing to someone
in some way or another!
For not only will You replace the gift,
I just might gain a brother!

A truth that this man learned so very
early in my walk:
'giving' must be active, and not
merely 'idle talk!'
'Action,' it must be attached
unto all that we say!
Especially with one in need
somewhere along the way!

Therefore, 'wealthy' be this man
in eyes that see beyond!
God gives to me, and so we give...
say, has the light yet dawned?
The same He does for all who yield
their lives unto His use!
Thus, when we stand before His throne,
we'll be without excuse!

One CANNOT outgive God!  So very early in my walk we learned of a man who needed money.  Though needy ourselves, we gave anyhow.  We went to my mom a few days later.  She had been doing our taxes.  She explained that we would be getting over $500 more than she originally figured.  Debby & I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was because we helped out Hugh and his family.

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