Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Whatever the 'atmospheric conditions' are today where you are, may you be blessed and highly favored!

Sunlight celebrates the season--
Spring, so very new!
In the breeze, we see emerging
almost every hue!
Almost as if Creator God,
with paintbrush in His hand
uses all things on His palette
all across the land!
He covers all the flora sight
with every shade of green,
and coats each limb and branch with every
color ever seen!
A spectrum so alive that only
God could fabricate!
So enjoy each moment of such day
before it is too late!

For time--it ceases not, regardless
how fair be the sight.
Thus, take that time so precious and,
in His handiwork, delight.
For this day is like no other-
before or those to come.
Behold ye what is intricate
and grace will be your sum!

For God, He is so wise and knows
exactly what we need!
He made this time and place by hand,
but just how many heed?
This time is for a purpose that
some may not comprehend.
Oh savor such a place and time
before it comes to end!

Here am I at the office writing about the beauty and glory of Spring...while it is storming outside!  That's how quickly the weather changes here in the Ozarks!  I guess that's makes me a hypocrite?!  
Wherever you may find yourself today, I pray that it is SUNNY and that you are SAFE!
God bless you abundantly!

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