Saturday, April 16, 2022

Changing Fast!

Busy, busy, busy!  Life is happening and changing at a pace that we cannot grasp!  There is, however, ONE TRUTH to which we can cling that will never change...

So much confusion taking place
but everywhere you turn...
the greatest tragedy of all,
so slowly men now learn...
each direction that we look
it seems life's lost its way,
oh, but look not at obvious, friend,

Yes, Truth we know that CANNOT change
will have the final say!
We may not understand it now,
or even see the way,
but SUNDAY comes and, Christ, HE'S RISEN!
Time has no effect!
For Jesus rose--and He will come again
to bless and to protect!

Yes, Jesus is alive and YOU
can have His life within!
Call out His Name from deep inside,
confess to Him your sin.
For He will save you!  He will keep you
from the times ahead!
Be born again through Jesus' blood
and be Spirit-led!

Yea, though turbulence is all around
and grows more with each day,
you belong unto The Truth,
The Life, the ONLY Way!
He will guide your every step
in this life and the next!
Just take Him at His Word, my friend,
and be ye not perplexed!

Jesus Christ.  The Only Way...still, after two millennia, He remains the Only Way to be saved, willing to save, AND desiring of your life!  TRUST HIM!


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