Wednesday, April 6, 2022


Living.  We all do it.  Most do it without thinking!  However, when Jesus becomes your Savior, 'living' has so much more purpose!  Give your life to Him, won't you?  He can do more with it than you could ever imagine!

All for Jesus Christ alone--
my Savior, Lord and Friend!
He was before the beginning and
He IS the very End!
He knows about all everything,
there's NOTHING you can hide!
He is not judgmental, thus,
in Him You may confide!
And that's EXACTLY what He wants:
transparency with you!
He understands.  Forgiving almost
anything you do!
No other 'power' able to
forget about the past!
Jesus--closest, dearest Friend--
His care is unsurpassed!

All for Jesus Christ alone,
as He has given all!
And gives He such to ANYONE 
responding to His Call;
even them that know not yet
receive from Christ alone!
Love and peace and air to breathe,
in liberty, are known!
Oh, but greater the relationship
once you invite Him in!
Give Him abode inside your heart,
abundance to begin!!

The grace of God.  It is known and unknown.  Once you KNOW it, however, a whole new beautiful world of opportunity is opened up like you have never known!

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