Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Where are you?

Every person on this earth has 'relationships.'  Some of them are wonderful!  Some of them are painful.  Still others are hanging in the balance.  How would you feel if there was one you love and you have no idea where they are?  Hmm...

In trying to keep up with you
but how far shall I go?
The ends of earth have come to mind
as I still love you so!
I've heard that you're in Africa--
how can we connect?
"I want you back inside our lives!"
Can I be more direct?

So many reasons that you left--
can we not move beyond?
We love you and we miss you and,
of you, we yet be fond!
Much water underneath the bridge,
Yesterday is gone, my friend,
and tomorrow is in HIS hands!
For all that we have is the NOW--
for what it shall become
is how we handle this event,
what shall be its sum?

There are oh so many memories
I want to share with you...
and there is even more that I
would like to hear from you!
But such cannot be so unless
we put the past behind,
and establish a relationship
that, in CHRIST, is defined!

Wherever you are, I hope these words reach you somehow, so that you realize just how much you mean to us and how much you are missed!


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