Saturday, March 5, 2022

"What did you say?"

So many of us get so busy and wrapped up in what we are doing that, often, we just 'agree' to what someone says just so we can continue.  How often, however, have we just 'agreed' to a genuine cry for help and just kept moving along?  Hmm...

Do you have to get right in my face
so I will comprehend?
Do I ignore your cry for help
just so the day will end?
How many times must you repeat
before I finally 'hear?'
I have got to do a better job
and make sure all is 'clear!'

Especially with the one I love
and live with every day.
How often do I take for granted
what she has to say?
Have I agreed with what she said
so I can move along?
Then repeated what she told me and
got it completely wrong?

"Oh Lord, forgive us.  Forgive ME
for being so unkind.
O help me pay attention, Lord,
that words would stay in mind.
Especially the precious words
of who I'm married to!
She is a very precious gift,
and she's sent straight from YOU!
And please give my ears clarity
and even volume great
when I am hearing others, Lord,
lest this man would frustrate!
For communication--it is utmost
in relationship;
help me to 'listen' more, oh Lord,
and use less of my lip!"

It was pointed out to me at work today that I haven't been hearing or paying attention to our guests of late.  The same was verified when I got home!  Please forgive me.  I guess that's why God gave us TWO ears and only ONE mouth?  I'm sorry.

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