Saturday, March 12, 2022

We must MAKE time!

Yes, we must MAKE time to get away, ever so briefly, somewhere to catch our breath!  Often, that 'somewhere' is a place that actually takes our breath away!

Between here and that hill
the bay is very still.
Normally, a busy port.
Today, however, not that sort.
A placid, tranquil view
with waters, oh so blue!
It is a precious gift
that seizes eyes that lift!

Normally, we drive along
just whistling our song,
our destination planned
as time has such demand!
But the bay has captured me
as I exit and I see
(from here upon the hill,)
a vision that's a thrill!

The things that I had planned
will surely understand
when THEY behold the view
of this awesome shade of blue!
And here comes the first boat
that interrupts my note
by causing a rippling wave!
Oh, but this view, I'll save!

So refreshing be this drive today!  So NECESARY be this drive today!  For life itself can have us so busied that it passes us by before we are even aware of it!  I know that there are issues of most import going on right now but, sometimes, we MUST take time aside, take a breath and enjoy the view!


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