Thursday, March 31, 2022

We ALL have a calling!

Leaning out the window between the surges.  Spring is in the air...birds are playing...there are even some deer grazing on the property behind the restaurant!  However, I have a calling...

While business is busy, it seems,
each way I would turn,
there are so very many things
the trained eye may discern.
Whichever you excel at--
the vocations oh so vast,
there be yet opportunities
though life may be so fast!
Like right now, in the gentle rain,
there is so much to do:
a smile, a word, a gesture kind
can shape somebody's view!
Some approach my window seething
about what 'life' has done,
what I may say or do for them
can mean a soul is won!
But, right now, there is not a car
and I may catch the view
as I catch my breath once more
before lines form anew!

And so I take in all I can
inside the busy day:
the busy birds...the rolling hills...
the billows on display...
and the people--so beautiful
that God has made by hand;
if I'm fortunate, they'll come and more
than business may be done!

More than mere 'money' changes hands at my window.  Lives are touched, folks are blessed and, sometimes, I even profit from it!  But, greatest of all, I get a few seconds face-to-face with a myriad of people to touch a heart!


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