Sunday, March 13, 2022

Walking on edge?

Yes!  Walking the fields this Sunday, to the edge of the property.  FINALLY, spring is in the air, and it IS comfortable to be outside!  The sunlight...the flowers...the view of the valley...and the Presence of God!

Finally, some signs of Spring--
so new and so alive!
I walk so slowly to the east,
but WHEN do I arrive?
Do I turn around at blooms and scents,
or, further, do I go
until I see that sprawling valley
and the life below?

Truthfully, there is no 'spot'
where I must turn around!
My Father made all this by hand--
Seven billowed clouds contains
the everlasting blue,
but they can't taint the wonder and
the contrast of the hue!

Sunday...after time with God--
that time that has much worth!
And talking with Him, in that time,
with Him who made the earth!
So countless, the horizons that
He makes throughout the day
and so much more than 'seasonal'
is what He would display!

Sure, Spring is vibrant and beautiful in the full light of sun!  But so is every other day IF you use the proper eyes to see it!
And sure, there are different things going on all over this world, some of which we need to be praying about without cessation!  But He knows I already do that!  And He knows how much I appreciate the glory of the works of His hand!  Therefore, as We walk along, He does not hold back!

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