Thursday, March 17, 2022


Here I am and there he is: 1600 miles away!  And in a hospital!  How can I get there to be with him? Hmm...  I know!  I just fold my hands...

How many miles separate?
It matters not in prayer.
God hears the words inside the heart
and reaches out in care!
My brother Larry is in need,
and he is far away;
I know, though, as I bow my head,
right by his side I stay!
And we pray for his protection,
his healing and his peace;
we pray that they repair his heart
and, soon, he knows release!

"We pray that YOU repair His heart,
as You know what is best;
the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your Son,
upon His life so blessed!
And we pray for all his loved ones, 
those girding him in prayer.
A toll, it is exacted on
those loved ones everywhere.
But my brother has the greatest need:
give him a brand-new heart!
That he be with us longer, Lord,
his great love to impart!

"Larry, you are on our hearts
as you are in His hands.
For God Most High, He is the One
Who completely understands!

God be with you, Larry!  (I know He already is!)  May you be blessed with healing and full recovery so that you may continue to do that which God has purposed for you!


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