Monday, March 7, 2022

Thoughts...on purpose!

Suffering.  It comes in many forms.  It comes to the lives of all people.  It even came to Jesus, God's Own Son!  It is painful.  It is miserable.  However, it is also temporary, AND none of it escapes the eyes of God.

"Just weeks ago, I had a home,
a steady occupation,
an income that was guaranteed
and freedom from frustration!
Today, I know not where I am
or where I am going...
I gave my life unto the cause,
and I have nothing showing!"

So is the fate of millions as 
we watch the evening news.
I thought that Jesus would return
before we saw such views!
Unfortunately, reality
has struck with evil fierce!
And the visions of 'reality--'
they deeply pierce!!
Our fellow man is suffering
halfway around the world.
The repercussions of such war,
into OUR lives, are hurled!
A handful or so of 'world leaders'
are so full of themselves
that their selfish actions, into
the rest of us, so delves!

We pray so constantly for them
that face such persecution!
Oh, that God would intervene
with HIS OWN revolution!
but all the more we pray!
Keep our brothers and sisters safe
and help them find The Way!

Suffering.  It is something we all face in this life.  THIS suffering, however, is avoidable if a handful of men in powerful places were not so greedy and insecure!

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