Friday, March 18, 2022

The Meeting Place

A daily meeting place.  Sometimes, several times each day.  And I KNOW that Those involved in the meeting will NEVER fail to show up...

In a private meeting--
myself and just three Others.
A talk so very personal
because we are all brothers.
No subject is too touchy, for
I can tell them anything
and know they will not judge, condemn,
or do any 'muttering.'
The Others that I meet with--they
have answers that I need.
And gain I wealth 'yond measure when
those answers I so heed!
They 'listen' to my words but,
more importantly, they 'hear;'
and I KNOW that, soon, those answers deep,
they will become so clear!
And that which They would say to me
it be of most import!
They know exactly what is needed
even before I court!

A private meeting I can call
at anytime of day,
and full attention unto me,
the Friends of mine will pay!
God the Father, God the Son
and God the Holy Spirit--
everything upon my heart
they listen to and hear it!

Father God is so immense and caring that He hears us at anytime, anywhere.  Again, He not only 'hears,' He responds!  And so will He do for YOU as you make Him Lord over your life!


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