Tuesday, March 1, 2022

That Relaxing Place!

Ahhh...the week is complete.  We accomplished what needed to get done.  We even helped others accomplish their tasks...AND succeed!  Right now, however, I need a place to go for some relaxation with my Creator...

Trying to find a place away
from everything at all...
no arguments...no politics...
no 'issues' to befall!
Though such may seem to be abundant
each place we may turn,
I know a place where none of it
exists, our time to burn:
this evening, on the coastline,
watching waves go in and out.
Their crashing on the rocks, it is
the closest to a 'shout!'
And, at this hour, very few
are present in this place,
and I tarry with Him Who's always here:
my Risen Lord of Grace!
Yes, Jesus sits beside in my
escape from busy day.
He knows all that I need to hear
before I even say!
He even knows all that I need
to perfectly recover
from everything about this day
and what I did uncover.

Relaxing on the empty beach
with its very Creator.
Nothing is the same each day,
and each visit, it be greater!
Find that place to find that peace
that YOU need from the day;
and NEVER let the pace of life
embezzle it away!

Yes, we are each to be involved in this life in ways that benefit others.  But what about that time that YOU need to benefit?  God understands and provides exactly what you need.  You must only take advantage of it!


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