Monday, March 14, 2022

That Living Word--THE BIBLE!

The Bible.  God's sovereign Word!  Let it not set idly on the shelf from service to service, my friend, PUT IT TO USE!  For therein contains fresh, living, healing and enabling words for ALL His people...

"Your Word afresh!  Your living Word,
oh, Father Lord my God!
It be so alive inside my heart
that YOU I must applaud!
Every time I part those pages,
as You so direct,
another spectacle of living
does the same reflect!
I CANNOT live without Your Word
as part of life each day!
Yes, The Holy Bible--it yet
remains the ONLY Way!
It has no age, neither has it
an 'expiration date!'
For it is life abundant, Lord,
because You are so great!

A single line of words, oh Lord,
a chapter or a verse--
You are alive in each of them,
Your living to disperse!
For ANYONE that calls Your Name
when opening That Word
life, love and Your livelihood,
by THEM, such shall be heard!

Oh, Word of God so living,
so fresh and oh so new,
You set the course of day for all
that so belong to You!
At any time of day at all
contain Ye words alive,
and great assurance, as we follow,
that we shall arrive!"

The Bible.  God's Word alive!  It is LIFE to all who part those sacred pages.  Do so, my brother, with expectation and be amazed at what God can accomplish in YOUR life today and always!

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