Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Take a breather!

Yes, take a breather.  A lot of days, MOST days, if you are honest, you must remind yourself of that.  Sure, we ALL have a lot to get done, BUT GOD did not give us this life to see the amount of things we could do, he gave it to us for the QUALITY of what we can do!

People going each direction

as I look around.
On a very busy corner
'quiet' is not found!
I step outside for just a moment
to get some light and air;
people going each direction-
each of them need care!

On almost every face, facade
is what is going on.
With such anxiety and stress,
a 'front' would they so don!
Truth be told, but each of us
have cares, concerns the same...
truth be told, the same solution:
And regardless how much 'busyness'
we pack into our day,
it will NOT cloak our necessity
for CHRIST--The Only Way!
In fact, He rights the path we take
and gives to us 'direction!'
Know Him as your Living King,
know His resurrection!

With people going everywhere,
know Him--He is THE Way!
He will gauge your 'speed of life'
and when to move and stay.
His 'speed of life,' for it is perfect,
none to match His care,
even in this life with people
going everywhere!

And sometimes, it seems, the busier we go, the less we get done.  Ever feel that way?  God understands this and will arrange your steps so that you get the most out of life...IF you submit to His pace.

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