Wednesday, March 30, 2022


In devotion at my office this afternoon.  Talking with Jesus and looking out over the land at the raging thunderstorm.  So terrifying!

The gentle rain of morning was

refreshing and so due!
Now, in the afternoon, we are
preparing for round two!
The season is erratic at best
at this time of year;
as the thunder rolls above,
I try to make thoughts clear!
Trying to record the cedars
dancing in the rain...
squirrels running branches in
the winds that do not wane...
bolts of lightning follow paths
that only they can make...
and masses trying to get home
here and across the lake!

Yes, Spring--not only beautiful
in blossom and in bloom,
it's also very dangerous
and more than thunder's 'BOOM!'
We pray for any in the paths
of these April storms!
For they arise at any time
and take on many forms!

"Yea, Lord, so awesome are the storms!
'Have your hand upon us each,'
our hearts would so compel!
So wonderful and necessary
is this needed rain,
but the other weather dangers, Lord,
we pray that You refrain!"
We take the good, Lord, with the bad
while KNOWING you're aware;
believing, in our hearts, oh Lord,
that we are in Your care!
Your palm, for it is big enough
to contain us each;
protect us from the damage, oh Lord,
this do we beseech!"

This man is old enough to have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, even hurricanes.  We have no control over them, but we DO have the arms of God around us to shield us through it all!

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