Saturday, March 26, 2022

Spring, ye Spring!!

It is so glorious out here this afternoon!  And, after hearing a glorious message about Him, we can behold Him with our very eyes...

With sunlight so abounding,
(and songbirds so resounding,)
Spring arrives in style,
and scattered clouds, they smile!

And it just 'happens' on a day
we gather in Jesus' Name!
Meeting at His house together--
His love to proclaim!
His Holy Word to open up
and hear with great intent
instruction and encouragement,
with strength that will be spent!

Yes, such a day of glory is
the first day of the Spring!
We gather before God Creator
to sing!
Then out into His grand creation--
the moving of His hand!
Them with Him enthroned within,
they fully understand!

Yea, with sunlight so abounding,
Spring's trademarks are resounding!
Make sure part of YOUR day
be His wonders on display!

His wonders on display.  One does not have to put much effort into beholding such, as God has His mighty hand in just about everything we do!  Enjoy Him!


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