Monday, March 28, 2022

Perfection There!

In a place no living mortal goes,
a place where exists not any foes,
Paradise, so real and everlasting--
that's where my hopes and desires casting!
There is no cause for panic in That Place...
all is manufactured by His grace...
no 'situations' we have come to know
are allowed, into That Place, to go!

Walking on a cloud
for there, it is allowed!
all 'good' that we enjoy
and nothing to annoy.
No 'medical reports,'
no stress of any sorts!
But perfection shall we know
when Christ, His face, will show!

Yes, there is a Place that each be yearning for.
He whispers "Just a couple miles more..."
Encouraging His Own for to press on
'til all vestiges of THIS life will be gone!
Then, HIS perfection, it shall be our life--
no tragedy, no disease and no more strife!
'COME QUICKLY!'  Once again, oh Lord, we pray,
as we long for that, that everlasting Day!

Each of us get up and get out and do the best we can each new day.  That may not satisfy some, but THEY have to live with it!  WE DID OUR BEST!  Ahh...but there is A Place where our best is always good enough, and He will reward us for it there!

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