Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Out the window...

Busy with business.  Some, if not all, have ignored that there is a pandemic going on, thus they try to get as much done as they can while they can.  And, for a few minutes, they come by for lunch...

There is a break between the storms

right now...however brief...
These 'pockets' of the Springtime sun,
they are so very chief! 
Looking out, there in the fields,
behind my office glass,
the tulips of the spectrum bloom--
what glory to amass!
Just the vision of it serves
to so rejuvenate!
The customers and guests continue--
nothing to hesitate!
We do our best to serve each one
as fast as we can be;
thus, these 'pockets' are so welcome
unto such as we!
And God, so faithful to provide
moments for to breathe;
yes life, out of His very hand,
He's faithful to bequeath!
So few can pace the speed of life
and what it has become...
BUT GOD, He so provides these times
so we obtain the sum!

If you don't have time to 'stop and smell the flowers,' and at least take advantage of the moments He provides to behold them!  Life is too short to do otherwise.

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