Monday, March 21, 2022

In HIS Cathedral

Too often, we feel it necessary to find a 'church building' to sense His Presence and believe Him to hear us.  Not so!  His Presence is wherever you make time and call out His Name.  So often, for this man, it is while beholding the glory of His handiworks...

Mountainsides define the sunlight
early in the Spring.
They be distant, yet reveal
almost everything!
I savor such a sight as this
somewhere inside my day,
as, with each passing moment, He
has something new to say!

This morning, all we talk about
is Spring's so grand arrival!
The greenery upon them to
enjoy His sweet revival!
Such greenery, with birds and blooms 
and animals abounding--
for even HERE, around THIS place
they're joyously resounding!

All the while, a 'stillness' is
as life is busy so...
all the while, His solitude
must I first come to know!
For it's the first of many steps
to see today's success--
beholding His Own hands' creation,
asking Him to bless!

Nature.  God's original cathedral.  Savor the solemness and hallow it, as it is becoming more and more scarce!


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