Friday, March 25, 2022

He Waits For Us

Life happened today.  For many, life is still happening.  Whatever that life contains, I know that there is always One waiting at home wanting to hear all about it.  He even creates an incredible place for us to meet...

Cloudy is the afternoon,
the sun peeks in-and-out...
the chores, they have come to an end
as breezes swirl about...
the songbirds and the squirrels rejoice
as I just got them fed;
and now am I relaxing in
the daylight yet to shed.

The setting sun to bring to mind
a Place where it sets not!
Yes, Heaven, it is on my heart with all
the wonders it has got!
It is illuminated by
The One Who saves our soul--
He saves and heals and makes this man
to be completely whole!
And I am made to glorify Him
in the vesper soft.
For He so generates my praise
and songs so very oft!
Yea, worthy of all melody...
worthy of all praise...
worthy even of the prose
that flows so many ways!

Yes, praising God in the peace and calm of afternoon out under the trees.  Perfect!  He already knows what I will say to Him, but he STILL waits to visit with me!  Even the birds and squirrels join us as The Creator and I discuss the day.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

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