Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Fuller Life!

Living.  FULLY living!  How many of us dare to even try it?  Too many folks I know, (this man included!) have missed out on awesome opportunities because we were afraid of what could go wrong...  

How much of life has passed me by
because of clouds drawn near?
We pass by opportunities
and stay home out of fear!
Rather, we heed signs and signals
that rob us of 'living;'
I'm not sure God would have this way,
His people, to be living!
We're supposed to face the storm head-on
and trust our God for ALL
with little trepidation, knowing
that He is on call!

A boldness and security
He promises to all,
once we make Him Lord and Savior
answering His call!
That which we feared and passed before
He boldens us to face.
We overcome the very same
due His abundant grace!
And wisdom be instilled within
by Him if we so heed.
To overcome and conquer life
we're free, yes, free indeed!

No longer, from this life, to hide
with Christ within to so reside.
And victory for us to know--
no fret or worry overthrow!

Yes, too much life is wasted worrying or dreading things that may not even happen!  Even more life is missed because of 'fear!'  That's not the life God intended for us!  He designed us to ENJOY life!  HE will put up a stop sign if there is something we shouldn't do.  It's up to us to obey said signs!

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