Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Fading Purity

This life has become a contest in 'ulterior motives.'  Praised be those who seem to 'get away' with the most...unfortunately!  There is, however, a Higher set of eyes that see, hear and know ALL that goes on, and it is Him that we should strive to impress!

"I went to you due to my need
and I know of your success.
I thought that you could show me ways
this daily life could bless.
But I received there ridicule
as you looked down on me;
just because you have success,
you don't know 'victory!'"

Character--it is revealed
in oh so many ways.
So many situations--they
arrive inside our days!
What we do in each of them
define 'integrity;'
our thoughts, our words, our deeds are what
all hidden eyes, they see!
No what is said in secret that
shan't be proclaimed aloud.
No deed is done that shall not be
revealed unto a crowd.
See to it, then, your very heart
be filled with purity;
and the life you live each day
shows GOD'S morality!

Oh brother, be ye more concerned with what GOD thinks than trying to impress man and 'get away with it!'  This truly goes against the grain, BUT GOD will bless you all the more for doing so!


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