Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Another 'appointment'

Break time.  FINALLY!  I take my snack and go to where I usually sit, only to find a stranger sitting there resting.  Invited, I sit down across from him...

I sit across from someone else.
I already forgot his name.
As we conversed, I paid attention
to his every claim.
He said that he is on a journey
and stopped for a little rest-
my store was the closest one,
so, for lunch, I am blessed.
On the road for several days-
it was very clear to see.
Nobody else inside the place
would sit near him and me.
But I KNEW that God arranged my break
when that man was there;
and, it was quite enjoyable,
the time we had to share!

Time passed too fast.  I had to get back
to the 'when and where.'
Behind the counter, I had a meal
delivered to his chair.
In stealth, I watched as Jesus Christ
ministered to his soul.
And I KNOW that, when he left the store,
he was so much more whole!

Not all 'ministry' takes place
in buildings so ornate.
Most of it takes place in places
few consider 'great!'
BUT GOD is waiting for us in
the most surprising places,
ready for the needy heart
to receive His graces!

Are you so 'set in your ways' that God cannot let a stranger become a friend?  Shame on you.  We are each put on this earth with a purpose, and those purposes are closer than we think!


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