Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Acts of 'God?'

The news comes on.  A natural disaster has occurred somewhere and they can't explain it, so they call it "An act of God!"  I DON'T THINK SO!
I serve a Loving God who has the best in store for His Own.  Sure, the day is approaching when God will unleash punishment on those who reject Him, but these meteorological events that occur are a part of life and merely fore signs!  God CAN shoulder the blame...but I don't think He has to!  It's just a way 'the world' has of explaining it away!

Disaster strikes!  An earthquake happens
in a place remote...
a hurricane happens somewhere and
destroys both man and boat...
a 'mysterious disease' breaks out
that we've not seen before...
the news records 'an act of God,'
as THEY have no words for!

BUT GOD, He is a loving God,
so merciful and kind.
For when HIS wrath lashes out,
no quarter will you find!
When His wrath comes, there will not be
another explanation!
Man will cry out at His wrath
out of exasperation!
And when that day finally is,
ALL will be contained!
Confuse ye not HIS judgment with
that which be fore-ordained!
Too many are too quick to blame
The Father for such pain,
when 'natural disasters' are
just part of earthly strain!

Yes, it hurts!  Yes, damage is.
But such be part of life!
When that which HE decides to leash,
NONE may escape the strife.
But press ye on unto THAT day;
rebuild ye once again.
For when HE decides what's been foretold,
it will affect ALL men!

With events of late, many people are looking to the skies for His return.  Were we SHOULD be looking is deep into the heart, so NOTHING is affected by the burn!


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