Thursday, March 3, 2022


Off of work before the middle of the day?!  No, it doesn't happen often.  However, when it does, I know I have a dear friend waiting to hear about whatever kind of day it's been, and He creates the perfect atmosphere for such conversation...

Sunlight is abundant as
the shades and hues emerge.
With all the buds so visible,
Spring will be a surge!
The many colors that await
will only serve to blend
with the quilt upon the land
He ceases not to mend!

How glorious, this time of year
when life itself renews!
It makes for the most precious and
spectacular of views!
Such entertainment to the eyes
creates He with each day;
differing a bit, lest we
may take for granted aye!

The sunlight and the colors and
the life of every kind;
by the very hand of God
be all of it refined!
And appreciated by
the ones with vision clear,
and one with pen secure in hand
to capture and revere!

Yes, with reverence I view the glory of His creation.  Differing with each new day.  Entertaining with each new day.  A great blessing to all who take note of it!  


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