Sunday, March 6, 2022

A few hours 'away'

After a wonderful morning in the Presence of God, we grab a few things and head down to where 'life' NEVER comes to a halt...unless we want it to!

Sunday and we're basking in the sun.
Already have we spent time with The Son.
And now, He joins us out in His creation
because we have so great of a relation!
We marvel at the workings of His hand
as the seasons change across the land!
Blooms and blossoms suddenly appear,
and issues of this life become more clear!

The time in fellowship with Him we spend,
it turns into the greatest dividend,
as all throughout the week He has our use--
when such be grasped, all stress becomes more loose!
And 'labor,' it becomes a 'ministry,'
and He reveals who's needing such as we!
With just a touch, or just a conversation,
hearts are transformed to know celebration!
For even when the heart is unaware,
our presence with them so injects His care!
So often, we're unknowing of it all,
but we are accomplishing His Call
just by going out about and living--
so simple is it for us to be 'giving!'

But right now, in the glorious Sunday sun,
all that is required is to 'have fun!'
We do so on the banks of the White River,
made by God--the Mightiest of Giver!!

Away from 'daily life' for but a few hours.  Away from the busyness of business.  Present in the wonder of His handiwork!  Refreshing...restoring...rejuvenating...  Ah, yes, GOD IS SO GOOD!


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