Thursday, March 31, 2022

We ALL have a calling!

Leaning out the window between the surges.  Spring is in the air...birds are playing...there are even some deer grazing on the property behind the restaurant!  However, I have a calling...

While business is busy, it seems,
each way I would turn,
there are so very many things
the trained eye may discern.
Whichever you excel at--
the vocations oh so vast,
there be yet opportunities
though life may be so fast!
Like right now, in the gentle rain,
there is so much to do:
a smile, a word, a gesture kind
can shape somebody's view!
Some approach my window seething
about what 'life' has done,
what I may say or do for them
can mean a soul is won!
But, right now, there is not a car
and I may catch the view
as I catch my breath once more
before lines form anew!

And so I take in all I can
inside the busy day:
the busy birds...the rolling hills...
the billows on display...
and the people--so beautiful
that God has made by hand;
if I'm fortunate, they'll come and more
than business may be done!

More than mere 'money' changes hands at my window.  Lives are touched, folks are blessed and, sometimes, I even profit from it!  But, greatest of all, I get a few seconds face-to-face with a myriad of people to touch a heart!


Wednesday, March 30, 2022


In devotion at my office this afternoon.  Talking with Jesus and looking out over the land at the raging thunderstorm.  So terrifying!

The gentle rain of morning was

refreshing and so due!
Now, in the afternoon, we are
preparing for round two!
The season is erratic at best
at this time of year;
as the thunder rolls above,
I try to make thoughts clear!
Trying to record the cedars
dancing in the rain...
squirrels running branches in
the winds that do not wane...
bolts of lightning follow paths
that only they can make...
and masses trying to get home
here and across the lake!

Yes, Spring--not only beautiful
in blossom and in bloom,
it's also very dangerous
and more than thunder's 'BOOM!'
We pray for any in the paths
of these April storms!
For they arise at any time
and take on many forms!

"Yea, Lord, so awesome are the storms!
'Have your hand upon us each,'
our hearts would so compel!
So wonderful and necessary
is this needed rain,
but the other weather dangers, Lord,
we pray that You refrain!"
We take the good, Lord, with the bad
while KNOWING you're aware;
believing, in our hearts, oh Lord,
that we are in Your care!
Your palm, for it is big enough
to contain us each;
protect us from the damage, oh Lord,
this do we beseech!"

This man is old enough to have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, even hurricanes.  We have no control over them, but we DO have the arms of God around us to shield us through it all!

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Where are you?

Every person on this earth has 'relationships.'  Some of them are wonderful!  Some of them are painful.  Still others are hanging in the balance.  How would you feel if there was one you love and you have no idea where they are?  Hmm...

In trying to keep up with you
but how far shall I go?
The ends of earth have come to mind
as I still love you so!
I've heard that you're in Africa--
how can we connect?
"I want you back inside our lives!"
Can I be more direct?

So many reasons that you left--
can we not move beyond?
We love you and we miss you and,
of you, we yet be fond!
Much water underneath the bridge,
Yesterday is gone, my friend,
and tomorrow is in HIS hands!
For all that we have is the NOW--
for what it shall become
is how we handle this event,
what shall be its sum?

There are oh so many memories
I want to share with you...
and there is even more that I
would like to hear from you!
But such cannot be so unless
we put the past behind,
and establish a relationship
that, in CHRIST, is defined!

Wherever you are, I hope these words reach you somehow, so that you realize just how much you mean to us and how much you are missed!


Monday, March 28, 2022

Perfection There!

In a place no living mortal goes,
a place where exists not any foes,
Paradise, so real and everlasting--
that's where my hopes and desires casting!
There is no cause for panic in That Place...
all is manufactured by His grace...
no 'situations' we have come to know
are allowed, into That Place, to go!

Walking on a cloud
for there, it is allowed!
all 'good' that we enjoy
and nothing to annoy.
No 'medical reports,'
no stress of any sorts!
But perfection shall we know
when Christ, His face, will show!

Yes, there is a Place that each be yearning for.
He whispers "Just a couple miles more..."
Encouraging His Own for to press on
'til all vestiges of THIS life will be gone!
Then, HIS perfection, it shall be our life--
no tragedy, no disease and no more strife!
'COME QUICKLY!'  Once again, oh Lord, we pray,
as we long for that, that everlasting Day!

Each of us get up and get out and do the best we can each new day.  That may not satisfy some, but THEY have to live with it!  WE DID OUR BEST!  Ahh...but there is A Place where our best is always good enough, and He will reward us for it there!

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Spring, ye Spring!!

It is so glorious out here this afternoon!  And, after hearing a glorious message about Him, we can behold Him with our very eyes...

With sunlight so abounding,
(and songbirds so resounding,)
Spring arrives in style,
and scattered clouds, they smile!

And it just 'happens' on a day
we gather in Jesus' Name!
Meeting at His house together--
His love to proclaim!
His Holy Word to open up
and hear with great intent
instruction and encouragement,
with strength that will be spent!

Yes, such a day of glory is
the first day of the Spring!
We gather before God Creator
to sing!
Then out into His grand creation--
the moving of His hand!
Them with Him enthroned within,
they fully understand!

Yea, with sunlight so abounding,
Spring's trademarks are resounding!
Make sure part of YOUR day
be His wonders on display!

His wonders on display.  One does not have to put much effort into beholding such, as God has His mighty hand in just about everything we do!  Enjoy Him!


Friday, March 25, 2022

He Waits For Us

Life happened today.  For many, life is still happening.  Whatever that life contains, I know that there is always One waiting at home wanting to hear all about it.  He even creates an incredible place for us to meet...

Cloudy is the afternoon,
the sun peeks in-and-out...
the chores, they have come to an end
as breezes swirl about...
the songbirds and the squirrels rejoice
as I just got them fed;
and now am I relaxing in
the daylight yet to shed.

The setting sun to bring to mind
a Place where it sets not!
Yes, Heaven, it is on my heart with all
the wonders it has got!
It is illuminated by
The One Who saves our soul--
He saves and heals and makes this man
to be completely whole!
And I am made to glorify Him
in the vesper soft.
For He so generates my praise
and songs so very oft!
Yea, worthy of all melody...
worthy of all praise...
worthy even of the prose
that flows so many ways!

Yes, praising God in the peace and calm of afternoon out under the trees.  Perfect!  He already knows what I will say to Him, but he STILL waits to visit with me!  Even the birds and squirrels join us as The Creator and I discuss the day.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Thursday, March 24, 2022

As good as their word?

We needed something done.  The guy shows up, shows his credentials, gets paid and does the job.  IT'S BEAUTIFUL!  Two months later, we noticed that the job he did is leaning to the point that it's about to fall over.  He returns, puts a band-aid on it, and signs a paper to return when the weather gets better and do it right.  That was two years ago.  We took him to court three months ago, AND WON!  He was given two weeks to return our money.  We haven't seen or heard from him since, nor can we find him!!

What good is it to even try

if nothing will be done?
We took the legal steps required
and, our case, we won!!
Victory was months ago
but money we've not seen!  
If nothing will be done, then tell me
what does "Contract" mean?!
We both signed on the dotted line
but now, he can't be found!!
Back in MY day, a 'signature'
and everything was bound!
No longer is 'integrity'
a fabric of our being,
and such as this, unfortunately,
more and more we're seeing!
For I couldn't treat a customer
this way and sleep at night!!
Does anybody understand
the gravity of my plight?!
If we can't trust the law to follow
through on verdicts found,
then God help every one of us--
for this is shaky ground!!

"Momma said there'd be days like this..."  Even God warned us of such times!  Go through all the proper 'legal' channels to get something done right, and the aforementioned person continues to advertise and do business??  GOD HELP US!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Out the window...

Busy with business.  Some, if not all, have ignored that there is a pandemic going on, thus they try to get as much done as they can while they can.  And, for a few minutes, they come by for lunch...

There is a break between the storms

right now...however brief...
These 'pockets' of the Springtime sun,
they are so very chief! 
Looking out, there in the fields,
behind my office glass,
the tulips of the spectrum bloom--
what glory to amass!
Just the vision of it serves
to so rejuvenate!
The customers and guests continue--
nothing to hesitate!
We do our best to serve each one
as fast as we can be;
thus, these 'pockets' are so welcome
unto such as we!
And God, so faithful to provide
moments for to breathe;
yes life, out of His very hand,
He's faithful to bequeath!
So few can pace the speed of life
and what it has become...
BUT GOD, He so provides these times
so we obtain the sum!

If you don't have time to 'stop and smell the flowers,' and at least take advantage of the moments He provides to behold them!  Life is too short to do otherwise.

Monday, March 21, 2022

In HIS Cathedral

Too often, we feel it necessary to find a 'church building' to sense His Presence and believe Him to hear us.  Not so!  His Presence is wherever you make time and call out His Name.  So often, for this man, it is while beholding the glory of His handiworks...

Mountainsides define the sunlight
early in the Spring.
They be distant, yet reveal
almost everything!
I savor such a sight as this
somewhere inside my day,
as, with each passing moment, He
has something new to say!

This morning, all we talk about
is Spring's so grand arrival!
The greenery upon them to
enjoy His sweet revival!
Such greenery, with birds and blooms 
and animals abounding--
for even HERE, around THIS place
they're joyously resounding!

All the while, a 'stillness' is
as life is busy so...
all the while, His solitude
must I first come to know!
For it's the first of many steps
to see today's success--
beholding His Own hands' creation,
asking Him to bless!

Nature.  God's original cathedral.  Savor the solemness and hallow it, as it is becoming more and more scarce!


Saturday, March 19, 2022

The Truest Friends

Life is moving at a pace that we can barely keep up with and...WHAM!  A letter in the mail...a phone call...a text message...and the speed of life suddenly becomes secondary, and all we want to do is be with that person!!

How can words assembled say
how much you mean to all?
We look forward to a word from you,
a text...a card...a call...
Years ago, you established
residence in our hearts.
Your lives--they have affected life
and it's many parts!

We hear your voice--it changes the
trajectory of day!
Our hearts be filled so easily
with what you have to say!
Your honesty, your humor,
your wisdom, even your pain...
whether you realize or not,
that same becomes our gain!

Oh, that there be more like you--
so genuine, so true!
But precious people, (in THIS life,)
be far between and few!
We treasure you for who you are:
gifts from God Most High!
Let's make more memories real soon--
the kind that satisfy!

Wherever you are, whomever you are, treasure the relationships that God has blessed you with!  For they are precious gifts that that make us all the more wealthy!
"Thank You, Father God, for blessings us with true friends!"


Friday, March 18, 2022

The Meeting Place

A daily meeting place.  Sometimes, several times each day.  And I KNOW that Those involved in the meeting will NEVER fail to show up...

In a private meeting--
myself and just three Others.
A talk so very personal
because we are all brothers.
No subject is too touchy, for
I can tell them anything
and know they will not judge, condemn,
or do any 'muttering.'
The Others that I meet with--they
have answers that I need.
And gain I wealth 'yond measure when
those answers I so heed!
They 'listen' to my words but,
more importantly, they 'hear;'
and I KNOW that, soon, those answers deep,
they will become so clear!
And that which They would say to me
it be of most import!
They know exactly what is needed
even before I court!

A private meeting I can call
at anytime of day,
and full attention unto me,
the Friends of mine will pay!
God the Father, God the Son
and God the Holy Spirit--
everything upon my heart
they listen to and hear it!

Father God is so immense and caring that He hears us at anytime, anywhere.  Again, He not only 'hears,' He responds!  And so will He do for YOU as you make Him Lord over your life!


Thursday, March 17, 2022


Here I am and there he is: 1600 miles away!  And in a hospital!  How can I get there to be with him? Hmm...  I know!  I just fold my hands...

How many miles separate?
It matters not in prayer.
God hears the words inside the heart
and reaches out in care!
My brother Larry is in need,
and he is far away;
I know, though, as I bow my head,
right by his side I stay!
And we pray for his protection,
his healing and his peace;
we pray that they repair his heart
and, soon, he knows release!

"We pray that YOU repair His heart,
as You know what is best;
the Blood of Jesus Christ, Your Son,
upon His life so blessed!
And we pray for all his loved ones, 
those girding him in prayer.
A toll, it is exacted on
those loved ones everywhere.
But my brother has the greatest need:
give him a brand-new heart!
That he be with us longer, Lord,
his great love to impart!

"Larry, you are on our hearts
as you are in His hands.
For God Most High, He is the One
Who completely understands!

God be with you, Larry!  (I know He already is!)  May you be blessed with healing and full recovery so that you may continue to do that which God has purposed for you!


Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Take a breather!

Yes, take a breather.  A lot of days, MOST days, if you are honest, you must remind yourself of that.  Sure, we ALL have a lot to get done, BUT GOD did not give us this life to see the amount of things we could do, he gave it to us for the QUALITY of what we can do!

People going each direction

as I look around.
On a very busy corner
'quiet' is not found!
I step outside for just a moment
to get some light and air;
people going each direction-
each of them need care!

On almost every face, facade
is what is going on.
With such anxiety and stress,
a 'front' would they so don!
Truth be told, but each of us
have cares, concerns the same...
truth be told, the same solution:
And regardless how much 'busyness'
we pack into our day,
it will NOT cloak our necessity
for CHRIST--The Only Way!
In fact, He rights the path we take
and gives to us 'direction!'
Know Him as your Living King,
know His resurrection!

With people going everywhere,
know Him--He is THE Way!
He will gauge your 'speed of life'
and when to move and stay.
His 'speed of life,' for it is perfect,
none to match His care,
even in this life with people
going everywhere!

And sometimes, it seems, the busier we go, the less we get done.  Ever feel that way?  God understands this and will arrange your steps so that you get the most out of life...IF you submit to His pace.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Another 'appointment'

Break time.  FINALLY!  I take my snack and go to where I usually sit, only to find a stranger sitting there resting.  Invited, I sit down across from him...

I sit across from someone else.
I already forgot his name.
As we conversed, I paid attention
to his every claim.
He said that he is on a journey
and stopped for a little rest-
my store was the closest one,
so, for lunch, I am blessed.
On the road for several days-
it was very clear to see.
Nobody else inside the place
would sit near him and me.
But I KNEW that God arranged my break
when that man was there;
and, it was quite enjoyable,
the time we had to share!

Time passed too fast.  I had to get back
to the 'when and where.'
Behind the counter, I had a meal
delivered to his chair.
In stealth, I watched as Jesus Christ
ministered to his soul.
And I KNOW that, when he left the store,
he was so much more whole!

Not all 'ministry' takes place
in buildings so ornate.
Most of it takes place in places
few consider 'great!'
BUT GOD is waiting for us in
the most surprising places,
ready for the needy heart
to receive His graces!

Are you so 'set in your ways' that God cannot let a stranger become a friend?  Shame on you.  We are each put on this earth with a purpose, and those purposes are closer than we think!


Monday, March 14, 2022

That Living Word--THE BIBLE!

The Bible.  God's sovereign Word!  Let it not set idly on the shelf from service to service, my friend, PUT IT TO USE!  For therein contains fresh, living, healing and enabling words for ALL His people...

"Your Word afresh!  Your living Word,
oh, Father Lord my God!
It be so alive inside my heart
that YOU I must applaud!
Every time I part those pages,
as You so direct,
another spectacle of living
does the same reflect!
I CANNOT live without Your Word
as part of life each day!
Yes, The Holy Bible--it yet
remains the ONLY Way!
It has no age, neither has it
an 'expiration date!'
For it is life abundant, Lord,
because You are so great!

A single line of words, oh Lord,
a chapter or a verse--
You are alive in each of them,
Your living to disperse!
For ANYONE that calls Your Name
when opening That Word
life, love and Your livelihood,
by THEM, such shall be heard!

Oh, Word of God so living,
so fresh and oh so new,
You set the course of day for all
that so belong to You!
At any time of day at all
contain Ye words alive,
and great assurance, as we follow,
that we shall arrive!"

The Bible.  God's Word alive!  It is LIFE to all who part those sacred pages.  Do so, my brother, with expectation and be amazed at what God can accomplish in YOUR life today and always!

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Walking on edge?

Yes!  Walking the fields this Sunday, to the edge of the property.  FINALLY, spring is in the air, and it IS comfortable to be outside!  The sunlight...the flowers...the view of the valley...and the Presence of God!

Finally, some signs of Spring--
so new and so alive!
I walk so slowly to the east,
but WHEN do I arrive?
Do I turn around at blooms and scents,
or, further, do I go
until I see that sprawling valley
and the life below?

Truthfully, there is no 'spot'
where I must turn around!
My Father made all this by hand--
Seven billowed clouds contains
the everlasting blue,
but they can't taint the wonder and
the contrast of the hue!

Sunday...after time with God--
that time that has much worth!
And talking with Him, in that time,
with Him who made the earth!
So countless, the horizons that
He makes throughout the day
and so much more than 'seasonal'
is what He would display!

Sure, Spring is vibrant and beautiful in the full light of sun!  But so is every other day IF you use the proper eyes to see it!
And sure, there are different things going on all over this world, some of which we need to be praying about without cessation!  But He knows I already do that!  And He knows how much I appreciate the glory of the works of His hand!  Therefore, as We walk along, He does not hold back!

Saturday, March 12, 2022

We must MAKE time!

Yes, we must MAKE time to get away, ever so briefly, somewhere to catch our breath!  Often, that 'somewhere' is a place that actually takes our breath away!

Between here and that hill
the bay is very still.
Normally, a busy port.
Today, however, not that sort.
A placid, tranquil view
with waters, oh so blue!
It is a precious gift
that seizes eyes that lift!

Normally, we drive along
just whistling our song,
our destination planned
as time has such demand!
But the bay has captured me
as I exit and I see
(from here upon the hill,)
a vision that's a thrill!

The things that I had planned
will surely understand
when THEY behold the view
of this awesome shade of blue!
And here comes the first boat
that interrupts my note
by causing a rippling wave!
Oh, but this view, I'll save!

So refreshing be this drive today!  So NECESARY be this drive today!  For life itself can have us so busied that it passes us by before we are even aware of it!  I know that there are issues of most import going on right now but, sometimes, we MUST take time aside, take a breath and enjoy the view!


Thursday, March 10, 2022


Unforgiveness.  The slowest killer.  But the worst part of it is that it is something that we can take care of with no money or payment on our part: we must only swallow our pride.

Unforgiveness--it's a curse
that plagues so many hearts.
A plethora of diseases
unforgiveness so imparts.
It be a silent killer.  "It is
harmless..." "it is mine..."
But it affects so many aspects
down and down the line!
It puts relationships on edge...
it splits the best of friends...
If I offend my neighbor, that
accord completely ends!
And it becomes a 'cancer' until
issues be addressed.
Unforgiveness even causes
us stop being blessed!

But it is oh so very simple
to erase the same!
Pray to the Lord with all your might
and call His holy Name.
Give HIM the issue that is pending,
He can deal with ALL!
And watch those barriers and walls
disintegrate and fall!

Yes, they will disintegrate and fall.  However, we must do OUR part and bring them to Him, and then WAIT as he deals with the heart.  Press on, do as God so instructs, and continue to 'do unto others as you would have them do to you,' and LET GOD BE GOD!

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Fuller Life!

Living.  FULLY living!  How many of us dare to even try it?  Too many folks I know, (this man included!) have missed out on awesome opportunities because we were afraid of what could go wrong...  

How much of life has passed me by
because of clouds drawn near?
We pass by opportunities
and stay home out of fear!
Rather, we heed signs and signals
that rob us of 'living;'
I'm not sure God would have this way,
His people, to be living!
We're supposed to face the storm head-on
and trust our God for ALL
with little trepidation, knowing
that He is on call!

A boldness and security
He promises to all,
once we make Him Lord and Savior
answering His call!
That which we feared and passed before
He boldens us to face.
We overcome the very same
due His abundant grace!
And wisdom be instilled within
by Him if we so heed.
To overcome and conquer life
we're free, yes, free indeed!

No longer, from this life, to hide
with Christ within to so reside.
And victory for us to know--
no fret or worry overthrow!

Yes, too much life is wasted worrying or dreading things that may not even happen!  Even more life is missed because of 'fear!'  That's not the life God intended for us!  He designed us to ENJOY life!  HE will put up a stop sign if there is something we shouldn't do.  It's up to us to obey said signs!

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Acts of 'God?'

The news comes on.  A natural disaster has occurred somewhere and they can't explain it, so they call it "An act of God!"  I DON'T THINK SO!
I serve a Loving God who has the best in store for His Own.  Sure, the day is approaching when God will unleash punishment on those who reject Him, but these meteorological events that occur are a part of life and merely fore signs!  God CAN shoulder the blame...but I don't think He has to!  It's just a way 'the world' has of explaining it away!

Disaster strikes!  An earthquake happens
in a place remote...
a hurricane happens somewhere and
destroys both man and boat...
a 'mysterious disease' breaks out
that we've not seen before...
the news records 'an act of God,'
as THEY have no words for!

BUT GOD, He is a loving God,
so merciful and kind.
For when HIS wrath lashes out,
no quarter will you find!
When His wrath comes, there will not be
another explanation!
Man will cry out at His wrath
out of exasperation!
And when that day finally is,
ALL will be contained!
Confuse ye not HIS judgment with
that which be fore-ordained!
Too many are too quick to blame
The Father for such pain,
when 'natural disasters' are
just part of earthly strain!

Yes, it hurts!  Yes, damage is.
But such be part of life!
When that which HE decides to leash,
NONE may escape the strife.
But press ye on unto THAT day;
rebuild ye once again.
For when HE decides what's been foretold,
it will affect ALL men!

With events of late, many people are looking to the skies for His return.  Were we SHOULD be looking is deep into the heart, so NOTHING is affected by the burn!


Monday, March 7, 2022

Thoughts...on purpose!

Suffering.  It comes in many forms.  It comes to the lives of all people.  It even came to Jesus, God's Own Son!  It is painful.  It is miserable.  However, it is also temporary, AND none of it escapes the eyes of God.

"Just weeks ago, I had a home,
a steady occupation,
an income that was guaranteed
and freedom from frustration!
Today, I know not where I am
or where I am going...
I gave my life unto the cause,
and I have nothing showing!"

So is the fate of millions as 
we watch the evening news.
I thought that Jesus would return
before we saw such views!
Unfortunately, reality
has struck with evil fierce!
And the visions of 'reality--'
they deeply pierce!!
Our fellow man is suffering
halfway around the world.
The repercussions of such war,
into OUR lives, are hurled!
A handful or so of 'world leaders'
are so full of themselves
that their selfish actions, into
the rest of us, so delves!

We pray so constantly for them
that face such persecution!
Oh, that God would intervene
with HIS OWN revolution!
but all the more we pray!
Keep our brothers and sisters safe
and help them find The Way!

Suffering.  It is something we all face in this life.  THIS suffering, however, is avoidable if a handful of men in powerful places were not so greedy and insecure!

Sunday, March 6, 2022

A few hours 'away'

After a wonderful morning in the Presence of God, we grab a few things and head down to where 'life' NEVER comes to a halt...unless we want it to!

Sunday and we're basking in the sun.
Already have we spent time with The Son.
And now, He joins us out in His creation
because we have so great of a relation!
We marvel at the workings of His hand
as the seasons change across the land!
Blooms and blossoms suddenly appear,
and issues of this life become more clear!

The time in fellowship with Him we spend,
it turns into the greatest dividend,
as all throughout the week He has our use--
when such be grasped, all stress becomes more loose!
And 'labor,' it becomes a 'ministry,'
and He reveals who's needing such as we!
With just a touch, or just a conversation,
hearts are transformed to know celebration!
For even when the heart is unaware,
our presence with them so injects His care!
So often, we're unknowing of it all,
but we are accomplishing His Call
just by going out about and living--
so simple is it for us to be 'giving!'

But right now, in the glorious Sunday sun,
all that is required is to 'have fun!'
We do so on the banks of the White River,
made by God--the Mightiest of Giver!!

Away from 'daily life' for but a few hours.  Away from the busyness of business.  Present in the wonder of His handiwork!  Refreshing...restoring...rejuvenating...  Ah, yes, GOD IS SO GOOD!


Saturday, March 5, 2022

"What did you say?"

So many of us get so busy and wrapped up in what we are doing that, often, we just 'agree' to what someone says just so we can continue.  How often, however, have we just 'agreed' to a genuine cry for help and just kept moving along?  Hmm...

Do you have to get right in my face
so I will comprehend?
Do I ignore your cry for help
just so the day will end?
How many times must you repeat
before I finally 'hear?'
I have got to do a better job
and make sure all is 'clear!'

Especially with the one I love
and live with every day.
How often do I take for granted
what she has to say?
Have I agreed with what she said
so I can move along?
Then repeated what she told me and
got it completely wrong?

"Oh Lord, forgive us.  Forgive ME
for being so unkind.
O help me pay attention, Lord,
that words would stay in mind.
Especially the precious words
of who I'm married to!
She is a very precious gift,
and she's sent straight from YOU!
And please give my ears clarity
and even volume great
when I am hearing others, Lord,
lest this man would frustrate!
For communication--it is utmost
in relationship;
help me to 'listen' more, oh Lord,
and use less of my lip!"

It was pointed out to me at work today that I haven't been hearing or paying attention to our guests of late.  The same was verified when I got home!  Please forgive me.  I guess that's why God gave us TWO ears and only ONE mouth?  I'm sorry.

Friday, March 4, 2022

Noontime Treat

Looking out my office window, there be not a cloud in the sky!  (Don't tell maintenance, but I am going to open it up and let the day in!)

The mountains glow at noontime
with season changing guard.
At the glory of the vision
senses be a-jarred!
The sight to go so very far
in every direction.
File it deep inside the heart
that it may know protection!

And, as the same be taken in,
give thanks to God Creator.
So much beauty (in such comfort,)
may not happen later!
Winter has a few weeks left
and summer be away;
for days as perfect as THIS one
inside the heart must stay!
For Spring is 'round the corner with
it's beauty and it's wrath.
We've learned how unpredictable 
can be THAT season's path!
'The beauty and the beast' it be
with blossom and with storm!
Ah...but THIS day, all life and living,
unto peace, conform!

The mountains in the midday sun--
a sight to see while getting done
the chores that come with ALL the days;
and God the Father gets all praise!

'Unseasonably' warm it is today.  Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, try to get out and enjoy it before it goes away!  For these are the days worth living for, and I am so fortunate to have an office with a view!


Thursday, March 3, 2022


Off of work before the middle of the day?!  No, it doesn't happen often.  However, when it does, I know I have a dear friend waiting to hear about whatever kind of day it's been, and He creates the perfect atmosphere for such conversation...

Sunlight is abundant as
the shades and hues emerge.
With all the buds so visible,
Spring will be a surge!
The many colors that await
will only serve to blend
with the quilt upon the land
He ceases not to mend!

How glorious, this time of year
when life itself renews!
It makes for the most precious and
spectacular of views!
Such entertainment to the eyes
creates He with each day;
differing a bit, lest we
may take for granted aye!

The sunlight and the colors and
the life of every kind;
by the very hand of God
be all of it refined!
And appreciated by
the ones with vision clear,
and one with pen secure in hand
to capture and revere!

Yes, with reverence I view the glory of His creation.  Differing with each new day.  Entertaining with each new day.  A great blessing to all who take note of it!  


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Fading Purity

This life has become a contest in 'ulterior motives.'  Praised be those who seem to 'get away' with the most...unfortunately!  There is, however, a Higher set of eyes that see, hear and know ALL that goes on, and it is Him that we should strive to impress!

"I went to you due to my need
and I know of your success.
I thought that you could show me ways
this daily life could bless.
But I received there ridicule
as you looked down on me;
just because you have success,
you don't know 'victory!'"

Character--it is revealed
in oh so many ways.
So many situations--they
arrive inside our days!
What we do in each of them
define 'integrity;'
our thoughts, our words, our deeds are what
all hidden eyes, they see!
No what is said in secret that
shan't be proclaimed aloud.
No deed is done that shall not be
revealed unto a crowd.
See to it, then, your very heart
be filled with purity;
and the life you live each day
shows GOD'S morality!

Oh brother, be ye more concerned with what GOD thinks than trying to impress man and 'get away with it!'  This truly goes against the grain, BUT GOD will bless you all the more for doing so!


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

That Relaxing Place!

Ahhh...the week is complete.  We accomplished what needed to get done.  We even helped others accomplish their tasks...AND succeed!  Right now, however, I need a place to go for some relaxation with my Creator...

Trying to find a place away
from everything at all...
no politics...
no 'issues' to befall!
Though such may seem to be abundant
each place we may turn,
I know a place where none of it
exists, our time to burn:
this evening, on the coastline,
watching waves go in and out.
Their crashing on the rocks, it is
the closest to a 'shout!'
And, at this hour, very few
are present in this place,
and I tarry with Him Who's always here:
my Risen Lord of Grace!
Yes, Jesus sits beside in my
escape from busy day.
He knows all that I need to hear
before I even say!
He even knows all that I need
to perfectly recover
from everything about this day
and what I did uncover.

Relaxing on the empty beach
with its very Creator.
Nothing is the same each day,
and each visit, it be greater!
Find that place to find that peace
that YOU need from the day;
and NEVER let the pace of life
embezzle it away!

Yes, we are each to be involved in this life in ways that benefit others.  But what about that time that YOU need to benefit?  God understands and provides exactly what you need.  You must only take advantage of it!