Thursday, February 10, 2022

Valuable Preparation

First things first.  I get dressed and fix some coffee.  It is such a beautiful day, and I know exactly where to go first...

Early in the day I rise
as quietly as I can
so as to not disturb my love--
I am a wealthy man!
I rise to witness the formation
of a new day born,
and the approach of the winter
storms that many warn!

But in the quietude of now,
with coffee and the Lord,
there is precious time to fellowship
life often won't afford!
We talk about the issues, oh,
but only briefly so;
then we talk of the simplicities--
there is so much, you know!
Like the many birds--so happy that
the feeders are not dry...
the happy squirrels throughout the trees,
but catch a glimpse, do I.
They chatter as they go about
and check the feeders hanging,
while others sit upon the trunks--
the lids of such a-banging!
And the clouds--they're moving in,
so bold and yet so stealth!
What they contain is precious life--
that of the greatest wealth!!

Yes, early in the morn I rise.
Enjoy my coffee, watch the skies.
And worship God as I prepare
to do His will but anywhere!

So busy will be the day.  For some, already so.  But I am fortunate enough to not have to rush, thus I spend some of the morning with Jesus, Creator of the day!  Every day goes better when started with HIM!


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